The Other Side of Covid-19

In mid-January I was following what was looking to be something boiling up in Asia. I started following the Corona crisis early enough to share bits and pieces of information to my family and close friends. I didn’t watch the news – I was reading posts from users on reddit in affected areas all over

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Quick Fixes or Long Term Solutions: The Journey Continues

I tried to look up when was the first time Warren Buffet mentioned the book, The Intelligent Investor by author, Benjamin Graham,  the book that Warren stated changed his investment principles and also his life. The reason I am trying to find a date or year that Warren Buffet mention the book

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Building a Team For Business

Success is not a one person game. It is more like a team sport where the coach is the orchestrator of culture, productivity and execution. We all would like to be coaches (bosses) but in a real team environment, the coach gets dirty and sacrifices just as much if not even more

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Tips To Get More $$$ In Real Estate

Let me make this clear, these are not quick money schemes these are strategies you can apply to the operation of your real estate in order to raise your return over time. These are strategies I’ve used in my rental business managing and operating a rental portfolio. Also this is

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