Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls …

The world as we know it is changing steadily – a ‘new normal’ is in effect. We are wearing masks to buy milk, we are seeing our investments decreasing over time and the future looks bleak. Half of Americans are out of work, police vs. the people, civil wars are erupting all over the country

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Creating a “Brand” While Creating Nothing

Nope! This is not a post on how to create a brand while creating absolutey nothing. This is an observation and analysis of how the internet has literally watered-down all aspects of true entrepreneurship and content creation. Some of the best videos I watch on YouTube now have NOTHING to do with

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Timeless Wisdom From Warren, John and Robert (old money)

I extracted some timeless wisdom from John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Robert Wilson. These 3 were on a documentary style interview in 1985 and I dissected the secrets behind their words.  Watch the full doc here.  1. Be odd & go against the herd – Templeton2. Find out what is

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