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3 Success Habits

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If I told you that I wasn’t always on the hunt and searching for millionaire habits to adopt , I’d be lying – bold face.


I’ve read countless books on the subject and adopted many habits that I am proud to report, yield some of the greatest human dividends ever. At first it came from desperately seeking new behaviors to help with an addiction I was battling. I was practicing and practicing to change my old negative and destructive behaviors into more positive ones.

There was a book that helped me solve an addiction issue I was carrying around for 9 years. I read and read until I was able to subconsciously and consciously accept new truths and beliefs about where I wanted to be. The book I am talking about is: Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” The book really helped me to understand how the brain works and why I was in a cycle of doom doing the same things over and over and over again, expecting a different result. Which brings me to Einstein whom I am reading exactly right now!

Two seconds into Einstein’s book is the most profound quote I have ever read in two seconds. The quote reads –

Meaningless is what I want to discuss today in terms of why we should always be looking to think better, act better and live better. After you open up to growth, you will be on this road of everlasting shift until your last breath. It is not daunting, it’s fun. I love learning about how I can get better and boost up the results I am receiving in all areas of my life. If you look at life this way – then you will find that you are purpose-driven and therefore have meaning in your life.

The way to look at personal development is objectively. How much more valuable and good will you contribute when your aims are high, your happiness is piqued, your awareness is focused and your actions are aligned? You will be helping your children, your spouse, the organizations you belong to, and you will be helping society on a whole.

People tend to not look personal development this way because the word ‘personal’ – It’s really a holistic approach to impacting the world. The faster you learn to adopt success habits your chances are greater than most defined by the laws of averages. When you flip a coin the chances of getting heads vs getting tails is 50/50. If you flip the coin 19 times and get heads what are the odds of getting tails on the 21st flip? The chances of getting heads or tails is still 50/50 but the laws of averages is now in your favor. The odds of getting tails is damn near 100%

If you practice, practice and keep applying what you learn to everyday life the chances of you getting the results and outcomes you desire are greater than ever. Why not adopt habits that bring about lasting results quicker?

One: The Habit of Honesty

It’s easy to lie. White lies. Easy to leave information out. Easy to exaggerate the truth. It’s all a lie. When I was addicted to gambling, I would do anything to get another dollar to put in the slot machine. I made up stories so people would give me more money. I omitted information. I lied. Here’s the problem with that…

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton. You push someone – they react. They get mad, they may push you back or they may fall and hurt themselves. Something will happen. Every lie that you leave in the universe will have a consequence attached to it. It builds up, there is accumulation and inevitably because of the law of balance there will be an effect. Now, it may not be right away. This can easily be seen by watching the news. Look how many #metoo cases. Hollywood burning from the inside out now – abuse of power, intimidation, bullying, sexual misconduct, racism, and discrimination just to name a few.

In all cases(business and life), all you have is your word and keeping and honoring your word can go a long way to reap rewards. People like dealing with honest people. People give honest people things like trust, support, money, resources. If you develop a better habit of being honest …you too can start making a difference and impacting society through you.

Two: The Habit of Compassion

This is what Einstein was truly getting at when he said “….and that of his fellow creatures” It’s not just about how you love your life and how your positive about your things with yourself and ‘me, me, me’ syndrome. It’s about how you feel about other people. You can see this truly in how people treat each other when one cuts another person off. It’s like the end of the world. Like you slapped their momma or stolen their prize possession. If you’re not careful, you might get shot!

Compassion is love unconditional. I know that this is a tough habit to foster because people piss you off – hell, people piss me off too – it’s life. People will drive slower than the posted speed. People are going to slam the door right in your face. People will not like what you like or dress and talk how you talk but ultimately there’s still a person there – born into this world with the same love from God!

If you’re in the service industry – switch your customer service policy over to compassion and watch the money come to you automatically. If your in the people industry which we all are make your products, apps, coaching programs, courses with love and compassion for all and watch how people are attracted to it like bees and honey (or is it honey for bees) either way, compassion yields some HUGE dividends in life and the faster you start practicing and becoming this habit the faster your life will change.

Three: The Habit of Refinement 

Some synonyms: Good manners, politeness and finesse. You have to cultivate these things now and not later. Good manners may seem a little far-fetched in this day and time but I still believe in it. Sending thank you cards, following up, genuinely being concerned about someone else and asking them about it is really missing now.

I have an obligation within my personal growth to be better at being polite. With the internet, text and other social media channels all we do is send a thumbs up emoji and be on our way. The person who takes the time to pen a birthday card wins! It’s so easy to win.

I was raised to respect my elders, say please and thank you and say things like ‘excuse me’ and ‘pardon me’ – I definitely need to get back at restoring these habits because you WIN automatically because no one is doing them. It’s so easy to win in today’s market and win at life when you really care about becoming that individual that people respect, love and support.

The Habit of Continuous Improvement, Development and Growth

We will leave it at 3 for now – but as you know there are many things one can improve in their life.

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Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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