5 Ways to Spot Naysayers : Here’s How to Handle Them When Their Energy Penetrates

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In this video, I give you 5 ways (plus a bonus) to spot a naysayer.

A naysayer is one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something.

This person may just be you.

On my birthday, I attended a seminar / workshop for real estate investment training. I went with a group of people who are already into real estate, already doing their numbers and want to continue growing. Since leaving my 9 to 5, I received my license in Pennsylvania and working my way to the gains.

With that comes training, mentorship, mastermind, research, planning, setting goals and learning the game. And with all of that comes a high level of self discipline and investments. As you can see me and my girlfriend are thrilled to be learning about this!

Then like a shadow out of a scary movie’s corner. Here comes The Naysayer of the evening, there to remind us of how stupid and dumb we are for even thinking about succeeding in real estate.

Watch the video for the story:

5 Ways to Spot a Naysayer

  1.  The naysayer won’t tell you how many times they given up
  2. The naysayer always focus on some negative aspect  – cannot see anything positive
  3. The naysayer don’t want to see you succeed or do better than them 
  4. The naysayer is a one upper
  5. The naysayer keeps bringing up how they will go about doing something you are doing
  6. BONUS – WATCH VIDEO for the last characteristic!

Hope this finds you in peace, 

Stacy A. Cross

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