7 Day Challenge For Mindset and Clarity

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Over the next 7 days I will give you the framework to totally shift your mindset, boost your confidence, get clear and master yourself.


The only bad news is that the entire course is 30 days, you are only getting the first 7 days via The Comfort Killers Blog as a gift. A freebie but not so free as you will be paying me with your time, energy, and effort.

Here is a little about the entire course: If you want the entire course to be sent to you via email please contact [email protected] right now and we will get you started on the program.

I created the course for individuals like YOU who want more time to create and live the life they’ve imagined and for those that want to get better results at work, in their homes, professionally, personally and spiritually.

This program is a culmination of everything I have ever implemented and that has worked for me exceptionally well. If you don’t know, I had a heavy gambling addiction for 9 years. I was a huge procrastinator, I never followed through or finished anything I started. I wasn’t a bad person, I was just doing the wrong things with my life – I went on to nursing school, racked up thousands of dollars in debt and, yep you guessed it (didn’t finish). I started projects and businesses that never amounted to much. I was motivated but I didn’t create the discipline needed to follow through and make huge impacts in my life. It was because I didn’t understand how to start.

No one ever explained to us how to start or where to start. It was overly frustrating to jump from books to books, audios to audios without a solid course on what actions to take in the mornings, what tools that can help me with mindset  – How to think differently about money. How to train my brain to think positively – how to create my purpose or make an impact in society. It wasn’t until I tested many routines, created sacred rituals, failed and used hundreds of productivity tools that I finally figured out a condensed solution to changing my mindset, elevating my energy, and getting massively attractive in the universe.

This program benefits anyone that wants to think better, act better and live better. Throughout this course you will have me as your personal guide – working with you – figuring it all out and I will be keeping you accountable the whole way through.

Are you ready with Days 1-7? Let’s go

Day 1
I spoke about the structure of the course and what you will learn about within it. Listen to the audio right here.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

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