A Foolish Faith in Authority is the Worst Enemy of the Truth

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Happy Sunday fellow Comfort Killers! As you can see our blog is filled with anti-group think in all of our articles as of recent. Why is that? Because I’ve changed myself from leaning on the words of gurus and mentors to thinking for myself. I haven’t been on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media for over one year. In fact, I have completely transformed my business to a direct-to-consumer platform.


Of course, I still leverage my accounts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn every time my articles are shared onto these sites. But, I’ve set up these blog posts to automatically get shared without my needing to be on these social sites. You may call me the anti-social media blogger. The reason I do this is because the time that I invest in creating is the time I earned in life. The time I waste in scrolling endlessly through Instagram and other social media sites is time I will never get again. That is why I cut the cord and put myself on manual mode to ensure that I am performing optimally in life and not wasting time. Now, I am not going to sit here an lie to you – I am actively on reddit, and I do browse twitter once in awhile – but I am nowhere near the amount of hours I’ve ‘hustled’ on these sites before.

Today, I want to take some time to share a quote and what it means and how still, in this day and age, we are still very much seeking validation and understanding from others. The quote is from Albert Einstein. He said, ” A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.” Now ain’t that the truth!

I would like everyone who is reading this to think about a time where you decided to give all your power away foolishly to someone who you think knows better than you or who has claimed they are an expert in a particular field that you are pursuing. Now that I think about it, I have never seen a brain surgeon call themselves an expert in brain surgery. Why is that? “Hey I am Dr. Martin Brain and I am an expert in brain surgeries because I said so and here are my testimonials from those whose brain I worked on”

It’s not prominent because most people don’t want to become brain surgeons and those that do know the steps to achieving that specific goal. But there are more and more people that want to get rich! More people that want to own their own businesses? More people that want to beat the stock market? More and more people want to be coaches and consultants? There are more people that want the laptop lifestyle. Check this out:

Kyle Dennis took a leaaaap of faith and decided to invest his savings of 15K.

Here are some triggers to help you understand these tricksters. First off – ask these questions.

  1. Kyle Dennis has 15K of savings but that’s not his ENTIRE savings maybe 10% of it which should be the max amount for risky investments.
  2. Leap of faith? Why are you bringing faith into risk? Connecting faith and believing in yourself is an easy route to take for those that are sitting on the sideline
  3. Part-Time. All these seminars and gurus boast to you that making it big can be done in little to no time and doing it in your spare time. Crazy
  4. 2.8 Million dollars by trading stocks!

You’re looking at this and go – holy shit! “Well I don’t have 15K but I have 5K ,I’ll be sure to make at least a million. Let me find out how!”

Well I will tell you how! Let’s click the click-bait and read together:

Before you move forward, here’s what you’re going to find. It’s old, it’s luck, and it’s dependent on something you will never be able to teach yourself because you don’t know half the shit about the truth than the actual authority. You may see someone in front of a car or some piece of financial statement freely being given.

The disclaimer says it all: “This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented. Profits and losses are reported are actual figures from the portfolios managed”

Here’s what I do after this: there was another landing page so I researched and found some anomalies to each of them. So I looked up the twitter handle that was used here:

Great! Since Kyle is such an avid twitter user then it would make sense to find him on twitter still chatting about his 2.8M, which really was a profit of 838,000 according to the tax form on the landing page.

Why then would there be so many Kyle Dennis accounts? Not sure but Kyle is pretty active on his twitter account and has hundreds of students paying for education they can simple learn on their own. The fact here is that the education that Kyle is no different than the education you can learn on your own and given to you for free in top investment brokerage accounts such as TD Ameritrade and Fidelity. Or what you can get a crash course on when people wine about profits and losses on Reddit sub/R/wallstreetbets. The problem is people think they need more education. More mentors, more teachers, more validation.

Why in the world does Kyle need to sell you courses and training on a system that worked for him in 2012? Because it’s luck, it’s timing, because it didn’t actually work ..because teaching a system pays better than working a system.

There’s more you can learn from a $17.00 book than spending $1500 or $4999.99 for some course online from some guy that is teaching you how to ‘time the market’ or buying options. But people need to belong to something.

Here’s some real testimonies

And, I am really not here to bash this guy or dig deeper into their empire. I just want to show people the benefits of thinking for themselves and not just handing over money to these online gurus. Take the time to learn your industry, the foundational stuff. Time is actually your friend, not your enemy.

The last seminar that I went to was a real estate one – They were offering top-rated backend tools that you can use to get you in front of many real estate deals that you otherwise would never find …so you can have a grand opportunity to….wait for it…WHOLESALE.

Yup! $30K to learn how to be a wholesaler. What a fucking joke.

Take your 30K – learn real investment strategies and try them yourself. Everyone of them could have taken the 30K and actually bought and flipped a real life property than actually bought education. But as the world turns, it should that this industry made of of fools will likely be the most profitable for charlatans.

That is why as Comfort Killers we must do our homework, set clear plans to attainment and stick the course. There’s nothing more sweeter than achieving tons of knowledge, know-how and confidence in what you do by the way of self-education, trial, error,  and being steady on your course.

Don’t you ever forget that! Take off the blinders, do not be manipulated – take some real action in your goals.  This lesson doesn’t just go for online gurus, but the government, your teachers, your politicians, your doctors – you have an obligation to yourself to not follow blindly into the traps.

Question everything,

Stacy A. Cross

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