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We Believe In Self Discovery

Raising consciousness through education

The Comfort Killers is not just a motivation company, we raise consciousness and awaken the masses for the greater good of the world. Have you ever heard the saying, "one person can change the world?" well we believe this statement wholeheartedly. Everyone is capable of changing the world through self-discovery, love and gratitude.

The Comfort Killers name may give an impression that all we do is get up each day and seek thrill and high levels of activity that make us 'uncomfortable' - this is not the case. The Comfort Killers teaches individuals how to change their attitude, their mindset, their self-image and how to lead a fulfilling life. It is uncomfortable (at first) to not subscribe to the averages of status quo. It is uncomfortable to have a positive, optimistic and can-do attitude, and it is definitely uncomfortable to raise your level of awareness, that is why our goal is to awaken you internally via our teachings.

Your journey to success is an ever evolving quest for growth and development - the true meaning of success is not material wants or anything external of you. The true meaning of success is growth, self-discovery and living in  harmony on all levels - mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

You don't need to have a business or be an entrepreneur to be successful - We encourage you to be enthusiastic, balanced, and abundant in everything that you do.

The Comfort Killers was founded by Stacy A. Cross, author and spiritual coach. Stacy A. Cross created a company as means to overcome a gambling addiction and redirect her life in a positive way. In effect, Stacy created many programs, business models and followed other 'teachers' before honing in on what she does best and offering the true value of what The Comfort Killers foundation is: Raising consciousness and changing lives.

We want you to be a part of our ever-growing community of individuals that are on their journey to success. We want you to be a part of the greater good - a collective consciousness that is changing the world! Welcome to The Comfort Killers.

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