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The method to our madness is to get uncomfortable and go beyond your comfort zone. We don’t take small action we, instead we run for the finish line knowing that our muscles hurt and every cell in our body is telling us to STOP! If you want massive success in your life you must be able to adapt in changing times. Your reality is always changing, the car broke down, you lose a job, you want to start a business, got a kid on the way, you got promoted, recently divorced, starting college, want to overcome addiction, want to lose weight, want more money, want more happiness .. all these changes are happening to you but you choose to remain the same person. You simply cannot. These changes are sometimes gradual …but in some cases, sudden changes shift everything in our life and as a Comfort Killer, you’re not only prepared but you will have the ability to control them. What is a Comfort Killer and why is it important in today’s climate?

A Comfort Killer is able to view things from different perspectives and under different circumstances. We like to challenge ourselves and handle conflicts in order to grow and become better individuals. There are 661,000,000 google results for self-improvement. That’s not to mention the number of people teaching you how to get rich quickly. In today’s fast moving world, anyone with a laptop and internet connection can tell you the same thing over and over again. You have options but there hadn’t been a solution until now. If you’re the type that just want results without the hype and the continuous pressure selling for a *brand-new* program then you’re in the right place! If you want to learn from a team of people that actually created success from nothing and is willing to teach you how without the hype then you’re in the right place! If you want exact and precise things that you need to do to change your life..then you’re in the right place! If you want to truly get outside your comfort zone and do things that you never thought were possible before ….then you’re in the right place!

" Are You A Whiner or a Rhino? "

Stacy A. Cross

Stacy A. Cross


My Goal Is To Teach Millions How To Get Uncomfortable To Think Better, Act Better And Live Better!


CIRCA | 2016

Feburary and chilly. I just stepped out of a seminar knowing EXACTLY what I needed to do in order to succeed. First, stop fucking procrastinating. Second, stop making excuses and third, take action! That was it - I felt the light shine upon my as if GOD cleared the path for me. I didn't know how but I knew my why. Before this, I was a heavy gambler, losing everything I earned in the casinos and I was unable to control myself. I had a negative self image but I most certainly was the type that always wanted to do something great - I just didn't know what.

Then, it came to me in an instant. I am here to help and to continue to help more and more people. So I started a small personal development company called The Comfort Killers. Armed with a computer and a solid internet connection - I went to work. I posted content about exactly what I was doing, and what was helping me. Before you know it - people were starting to listen and then within a year - our show was a part of the Grant Cardone TV network, producing quality interviews, documentaries and shows. It was truly a first of its kind.

CIRCA | 2017

The next phase came business and product development. The only problem was I had no clue on what the hell to sell. Selling motivation is a long and lonely road to nowhere. I realized that in order for me to keep my business going - I would have to either write a book, sell merch, or sell coaching programs. I was building a following for Comfort Killers but all I had was crazy ass content and some photos. How to overcome this obstacle? I started creating small programs and then produced my first real documentary: The Search For Comfort Killers

I worked with awesome people around this time. They helped build this brand just as much as me. My girlfriend at the time helped me with all the details - the small stuff that I would have overlooked. My video editor and producer gave me tons of ideas and helped me excute. My business partner was making things happen on his end. My best friend got her hands dirty - it was an ALL hands on deck approach to get this thing off the ground and I owe a great deal to everyone that supported, helped or cheered me on along the way.

CIRCA | 2018

The Comfort Killers book was released in this year. We produced promo, content, and build up around the release and it was great. We sold 50 copies on release date. I know that doesn't seem like much but it also doesn't seem like much to come from nothing and be an author either - so I was extremely proud of that. We opened The Comfort Killers Academy and was putting people through online training modules which was great but we weren't able to retain many enrollees.

Thelonious C Jones, who is a friend and partner, started to notice something very irregular about the development and training space. We noticed there was a lot of hollaring and hype which confused people more than it helped them. We looked deeper in how we would like to run our company - to be the complete opposite. This is around the time that my beliefs about success were at it's most concrete. So much that I quit my job!

CIRCA | 2019

After quitting my J-O-B and going full time in real estate so I can still build capital. I learned valuable lessons. A) I didn't save up enough and my well was dried up pretty quickly. B) I hated being a real estate agent and C) People want to use you more than anything. I also realize that noone should boast being a solo-preneur, it sucks. If you stop creating, the business stops completely. I became confused by the altering ideas, thoughts and beliefs in my head until it created a feeling of discontent and fear. And that's when I knew it was time to grow some more.

Using my book, my words, my articles, my audio, my own advice - I was able to bounce back, move from Philadelphia to Baltimore and get my mind clear for the next 10-15 years in business. That's how I know this stuff works. I was up, I was down and I am not stopping. That's exactly who we are: We get beat up...pushed down...looked over.. but we will never QUIT! It's time to get uncomfortable in 2020! Let's Go!

Stacy A. Cross | Baltimore, MD 0822 16DEC2019