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Success is not a one person game. It is more like a team sport where the coach is the orchestrator of culture, productivity and execution. We all would like to be coaches (bosses) but in a real team environment, the coach gets dirty and sacrifices just as much if not even more than the players themselves.


The new business philosophy that motivates a single person to get into business or turn something that they are passionate about into a money making engine focuses on the single unit. This environment is not conducive to massive success but can promote burnout and confusion.

In the industry standard book, The E-Myth Theory by Michael Gerber, we understand why and how most small businesses fail. The first rule for failure is to stay small. The second rule for failure is do everything yourself. The third rule for failure is being selfish.

Through a natural process of evolution a business owner removes themselves from doing daily functions in a business that they are a) not passionate about or b) isn’t purposeful.

When I started The Comfort Killers, I used it as a tool to overcome some of my bad habits. As it generated some steam, I had to evolve. I hired someone to design my logo, to help with my videos, to help with social media and so forth. There are two areas in business that still requires the hands on aspect for a coach or boss – it is sales and marketing.  Most new and aspiring entrepreneurs want nothing to do with sales and marketing. They want to outsource these things because of fear or unknowingness.

The cash flow engine relies on sales and marketing everything else is just day to day fillers. Most entrepreneurs need to build a team to ensure that the point of view, products and sales are at a constant flow within the business environment.

Why You Need A Team

Simply put: You need a team because you want to succeed and if you have any wisdom about you, you should know that you cannot do it by yourself. A team doesn’t have to be 100 people. It can be 2-3 people that believe in the mission, purpose and direction for your company and equally want to see it sustain itself.

If you are not good at video then put an ad on craigslist and hire a video director. You’re probably saying to yourself right now – “How do I pay for these people?” One word: Collaboration. Here’s another word: Commission. And here is another word if you do not have the funds to pay them with money: Trade of experience.

There are many young, hungry and obsessed entry level videographers that need an outlet to get better. Why not allow them to get better with you? Why not show them the vision and get them to buy into that vision where the outcome is beneficial to both you and that individual. If you calculate the time you spend to learn, buy the camera, edit, and fail can easily hire someone per diem to do the work for you. You’ve already paid someone many times over with the need to keep doing things yourself.

The importance of building the team is going to take a new level of leadership and time management. You are going to have to create a culture for your company. This now brings you up another level in the art of entrepreneurship – instead of thinking and staying small now are thinking about the people around you and how they affect the goals of the company on a whole.

Creating a Culture That Breaths, Bleeds and Eats Your Mission

One of the easiest thing to do is make sure everyone is on the same page but it’s also one of the most hardest thing to do when you do not know where to begin. I always start with value. What is the value, the big picture or the mission of our company and brand. Well, for us its: Simplify and Amplify so we can teach millions how to get uncomfortable in life and business. In our Colloquium group the values are based on Connecting, Collaboration and Creating meaningful relationships. Once you know your values ..then you create a rule or ethics so that everyone can commit to it.

It’s going to take constant communication about these values. It’s going to take doing the same things over and over again until it becomes second nature. It’s going to take you doing what you say you’re going to do every day in and out until your team ‘gets it’ and does it for themselves. You want everyone to have one voice! It’s a pretty situation when that happens.

Should You Fire Someone?

If you can’t fire someone for not living up to the expectations of the group then you should fire yourself. Don’t ever let anyone outstay their welcome – do not let anyone try to change or rearrange your big picture. Remember you know what the outcome should be. You know what everyone including yourself is capable of and no one should try to change that spirit and energy. If this is happening then difficult conversations need to take place.

I am a firm believer that everyone fires themselves. They don’t just get fired..they’ve broken the code and should be removed.

Everyone is a Coach

The sad part about today’s business environment is that it is oversaturated with coaches and bosses. Since everyone is an entrepreneur …who do you work with. Well, I’ve figured out a solution for this. If I am working with someone else who is a Boss then I become his / her team and he/she becomes my team. It’s okay to also become the follower to achieve some outcome. I am a leader in my current space but I may be a follower in a space that I know nothing about and want to learn more …I become a team player with a specific outcome and that is okay.

When someone is on stage and they are speaking about sales or marketing: I am using that energy to listen, absorb and learn in that moment. I cannot possibly get selfish and say .. “I am a Boss, I don’t need this shit” That’s what’s wrong with our industry that everyone knows everything and as a result become unteachable. When you are unteachable you remain stuck.

What I like to do is be a great leader and also a good follower. I want to be a great speaker but also a good listener. I want to be a great writer but also a good reader. Being a coach or a boss also should mean you are a good team player. Everything in business is a give and take exchange. Whether you’re exchanging products, ideas, concepts or point of views, understand that there needs to be a specific outcome!

What’s the Purpose?

Stop playing small. Don’t play small in 2019. Don’t lose the game before you even play it. You are only a coach (BOSS) if you play the game.


Stacy A. Cross

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