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Articles for entrepreneurs to help with business and mindset development.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls …

The world as we know it is changing steadily – a ‘new normal’ is in effect. We are wearing masks to buy milk, we are seeing our investments decreasing over time and the future looks bleak. Half of Americans are out of work, police vs. the people, civil wars are erupting all over the country

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Creating a “Brand” While Creating Nothing

Nope! This is not a post on how to create a brand while creating absolutey nothing. This is an observation and analysis of how the internet has literally watered-down all aspects of true entrepreneurship and content creation. Some of the best videos I watch on YouTube now have NOTHING to do with entrepreneurship or how

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Building a Team For Business

Success is not a one person game. It is more like a team sport where the coach is the orchestrator of culture, productivity and execution. We all would like to be coaches (bosses) but in a real team environment, the coach gets dirty and sacrifices just as much if not even more than the players

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The Most Inspiring & Motivational Video From Jack Ma

When people share an influencer’s message with me it’s always one of 5 people. You probably have an idea of who they are… Sometimes I feel the need to move outside the stale dialogue everyone seems accustomed to such as “Hustle, Hustle, Hustle” “Big Goals Man” “Don’t Compete” We sound like dummies chanting things that

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Build Your Empire With Elena Cardone


This interview couldn’t have recirculated at a better time. Why? Because Elena Cardone is on a mission right now – helping women hold down the fortress and dominate the goals of the family.  Building an empire is about the goals of the unit, the family, the team than it is about the self. I had

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The Boring Side of Business

Yo! you think entrepreneurship is filled with jetsetting to and fro your amazing lofty apartment in the hills of hollywood with your lambo parked in the garage and the models popping up from all angles to take selfies and ride in boats across waters to backpack up the side of a mountain, holding your fists

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