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Articles for entrepreneurs to help with business and mindset development.

@GaryVee Said UR F*@KING Irrelevant

Social media is now the required vehicle – not choice. If you are deliberately choosing to avoid these platforms for the sake of #privacy #boredom or being too #cool for the new school then you’re doing business wrong. You are your business. People are buying you first, trusting you first and then exchanging value for

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Entrepreneurs, Who’s In Your Circle?

Please, please, please …pay close attention to who you allow in your circle. You need like minded individuals that want to see you succeed. You do not need negative, pessimistic and low energy associates.  Imagine, you’re fighting to keep your spirits high. Business is already risky. You’re struggling to keep the lights on and your

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Diagnosis: Shiny Object Syndrome

We all had it some time or another and if you are in any form of entrepreneurship you get this condition more times than anybody else. Why? Cause we want to WIN! Straight up. If something new, shiny and full of promises to make our business lives easier – we want in …because we want

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Best Time Management Technique

You have got to be ruthless about your time lest someone will be ruthless about stealing it. In the short video below I share an advanced (not really), a very primitive and proven technique to help you manage your time better and get more done. The Pomodoro Technique can be used to achieve great results

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Following The Crowd Is A Waste

That’s Not A Typo .. It stands for Time, Energy, Resources and Money When I was much younger, running around wild with the boys from my neighborhood, I always felt I had to measure up to them. There were times when I would be chosen last to play a round of baseball because they automatically

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Real World Rule #236


Here I am quoting the illustrious Albert Einstein again. This time – it’s 5:00 A.M in the morning. The funny thing is that all weekend I was working through a personal thing so I was pretty drained come Sunday. And then come Sunday, I was back on my ten toes, gym – shower – read

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