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There are times when we need Life Lessons to help us gain wisdom and knowledge in order to make today better.

The American Dream (From Africa)

The place across the way from my apartment has amazingly strong coffee – and they know how to hypnotize the entire neighborhood daily and we, the zombies walk in for the fresh brewed roast. From cyclists, to corporate america, to runners, to startups, to the book worms – we run to get some fresh brewed

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Does Meditation Work?

Do you meditate? Have you tried? Have you tried and nothing happened? I really got into meditation around 2013-2014 and I couldn’t tell you how many YouTube videos I watched with titles like “how to activate your third eye” or “what is astral projection” or “guided meditation for dummies.” I would spend hours on hours

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Lose These Traits


There will be no fancy imagery to help guide your social media eyes in this text. It’s all words. It’s not fancy.  The bottom line is we all got parts of us we need to improve. Not me nor anyone on this planet is perfect. Over the course of the last five months after quitting

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