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We didn't know where to put these articles we threw them under "misc" but that doesn't mean it's not valuable - it is ULTRA misc.

Freedom, Liberty and Justice: Flames of a Revolution

We are living in times of social unrest, hurt and despair. If someone had peeked into the future of 2020 back in the 90s, we all probably wouldn’t believe it. A black man died on camera in Minneapolis while pleading for his life saying, “I can’t breathe” to the police officer who pressed his knee

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Making The Decision

The Roadmap to Purpose Decision starts the domino effect – it’s never ending and seems to set into motion a series of life-altering events. For example, a decision to get married … leads to other decisions such as home-buying, child rearing, vacations, money, career, destinations and so forth. There really isn’t a decision that doesn’t

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