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Building a Team For Business

Success is not a one person game. It is more like a team sport where the coach is the orchestrator of culture, productivity and execution. We all would like to be coaches (bosses) but in a real team environment, the coach gets dirty and sacrifices just as much if not even more than the players

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Timeless Wisdom From Warren, John and Robert (old money)

I extracted some timeless wisdom from John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Robert Wilson. These 3 were on a documentary style interview in 1985 and I dissected the secrets behind their words.  Watch the full doc here.  1. Be odd & go against the herd – Templeton2. Find out what is unpopular with other investors –

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The Most Inspiring & Motivational Video From Jack Ma

When people share an influencer’s message with me it’s always one of 5 people. You probably have an idea of who they are… Sometimes I feel the need to move outside the stale dialogue everyone seems accustomed to such as “Hustle, Hustle, Hustle” “Big Goals Man” “Don’t Compete” We sound like dummies chanting things that

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I Was Wrong!

Removing the EGO and living through spirit isn’t a walk in the park. Sometimes I want to kick the wall – I do get upset and most times especially lately I’ve been forcing, pulling and pushing the company it seems up a hill. I know that some people are reality based folks. If they get

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