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This Is Why I Ask My Doctor To Show Me His Credentials

Too often I see people getting scammed and voicing their opinions about it online which makes me sick to my stomach. Did you ever get scammed? How does it make you feel .. it IS and ISN’T about the money – but it definitely IS about how it makes you feel afterwards. You felt like

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WARNING: 4 Things to Avoid As Real Estate Investors

4 Things You Should Avoid as a Real Estate Investor New and experienced investors, I just wanted to throw out some tips to help. I believe if you avoid the 4 topics I cover in this article it will help you save time and money as a real estate investor, property owner or landlord. Wrong

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Could You Choose Between Hustling and Relationships?

“Get off the computer and show me attention” is what I dealt with on a weekly basis. I had to choose between hustling and my relationship. So now I  wake up earlier than my alarm to get uninterrupted time to business. I texted a friend at 430 A.M this morning and he texted back. The

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Investors: How To Hire Contractors That Won’t Rip You Off! ?

New investors can run into some unique situations dealing with contractors, especially if you have never dealt with contractors before. I have not only have had deal with contractors for years owning and managing rental properties, I’ve also done contracting for myself and other property management companies and individuals. This article will give you some

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Amazingly Easy Way To Change Your Beliefs


Why are you alive? We were born with one thing in common – Figure out our life’s mission and learn, improve and stay on course. We should always remain on purpose.  Then something happens to us when we are born that sets us off purpose. What happens is we forget. We forget how powerful and

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Finally! Books That Don’t Suck

If I hear another person tell me about Think and Grow Rich …I might vomit. If I hear that someone is pointing you to the ultimate “my first books for self-improvement” list I might take a literal crap right where I stand.  There seems to be a follow the leader mentality in personal development. Everyone

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