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Investors: How To Hire Contractors That Won’t Rip You Off! ?

New investors can run into some unique situations dealing with contractors, especially if you have never dealt with contractors before. I have not only have had deal with contractors for years owning and managing rental properties, I’ve also done contracting for myself and other property management companies and individuals. This article will give you some

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Amazingly Easy Way To Change Your Beliefs


Why are you alive? We were born with one thing in common – Figure out our life’s mission and learn, improve and stay on course. We should always remain on purpose.  Then something happens to us when we are born that sets us off purpose. What happens is we forget. We forget how powerful and

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Finally! Books That Don’t Suck

If I hear another person tell me about Think and Grow Rich …I might vomit. If I hear that someone is pointing you to the ultimate “my first books for self-improvement” list I might take a literal crap right where I stand.  There seems to be a follow the leader mentality in personal development. Everyone

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The Boring Side of Business

Yo! you think entrepreneurship is filled with jetsetting to and fro your amazing lofty apartment in the hills of hollywood with your lambo parked in the garage and the models popping up from all angles to take selfies and ride in boats across waters to backpack up the side of a mountain, holding your fists

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@GaryVee Said UR F*@KING Irrelevant

Social media is now the required vehicle – not choice. If you are deliberately choosing to avoid these platforms for the sake of #privacy #boredom or being too #cool for the new school then you’re doing business wrong. You are your business. People are buying you first, trusting you first and then exchanging value for

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How To Call Your Own Bluff

The only person on planet earth that can call your bluff is YOU. How do you do it? Through a treatment I’d like to call self-analysis.  What behaviors, action or thoughts are so much a part of you that they become your characteristics now? This is what you have to get real on.  All people

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Entrepreneurs, Who’s In Your Circle?

Please, please, please …pay close attention to who you allow in your circle. You need like minded individuals that want to see you succeed. You do not need negative, pessimistic and low energy associates.  Imagine, you’re fighting to keep your spirits high. Business is already risky. You’re struggling to keep the lights on and your

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Tips To Get More $$$ In Real Estate

Let me make this clear, these are not quick money schemes these are strategies you can apply to the operation of your real estate in order to raise your return over time. These are strategies I’ve used in my rental business managing and operating a rental portfolio. Also this is just my philosophy, everyone has

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