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Best Time Management Technique

You have got to be ruthless about your time lest someone will be ruthless about stealing it. In the short video below I share an advanced (not really), a very primitive and proven technique to help you manage your time better and get more done. The Pomodoro Technique can be used to achieve great results

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Need A Back Pat?

I know I come off harsh everytime I lay down my thesis on giving back pats. Everyone wants to be stroked about how good they are, great they are doing and how everything is going to be alright. It worked when we fell down and scraped a knee in elementary school but I am not

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Perfectionism Is Not Profitable

I couldn’t tell you how many typos my book had after finishing the first draft. I wrote my book: How To Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have in about a week before adding various additions in to make it read more smoothly.  If I was still living my artist perfectionist life, there would

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What I Learned From Quitting My Job

It was weeks before my final day and it so happens I was listening Daymond John being interviewed on NPR during my commute. Daymond John said 1 thing that almost made me think twice. He said something to the tune of: If you’re thinking about starting a business or you’re really passionate about moving forward

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How The Theory of Relativity Can Help You

Change Your perspective

Year one of my total, well semi-total transformation from gambling addict to entrepreneur and author, I cut out all bad news, political news, movies, music, and any an everything that would get in my way of changing my life. The actions that I ritually took during that time were spiritual rituals and personal development. I

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Guard Your Mindset Like The Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives houses documents which the church has accumulated over centuries. The archives is the central repositories for state papers, papal account books and correspondence that The Pope has ownership over until he is succeeded by another. Scholars and researchers has limited access to the archives to examine but other than that you

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Following The Crowd Is A Waste

That’s Not A Typo .. It stands for Time, Energy, Resources and Money When I was much younger, running around wild with the boys from my neighborhood, I always felt I had to measure up to them. There were times when I would be chosen last to play a round of baseball because they automatically

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