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We are self improvement junkies. It's not a bad thing to want to learn how to enhance your life one day at a time.

Finally! Books That Don’t Suck

If I hear another person tell me about Think and Grow Rich …I might vomit. If I hear that someone is pointing you to the ultimate “my first books for self-improvement” list I might take a literal crap right where I stand.  There seems to be a follow the leader mentality in personal development. Everyone

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From Comfort to Purpose

At first, The Comfort Killers goal and mission was to teach millions how to get uncomfortable to think better, act better and live better but then we realized that we haven’t done a good job at explaining what ‘better’ actually is and we also failed at providing the roadmap that can allow people to get

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Lose These Traits


There will be no fancy imagery to help guide your social media eyes in this text. It’s all words. It’s not fancy.  The bottom line is we all got parts of us we need to improve. Not me nor anyone on this planet is perfect. Over the course of the last five months after quitting

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5 Ways to Spot a Naysayer

[activecampaign form=11] In this video, I give you 5 ways (plus a bonus) to spot a naysayer. A naysayer is one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something. This person may just be you. On my birthday, I attended a seminar / workshop for real estate investment training. I went with

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7 Day Challenge For Mindset and Clarity

Over the next 7 days I will give you the framework to totally shift your mindset, boost your confidence, get clear and master yourself. The only bad news is that the entire course is 30 days, you are only getting the first 7 days via The Comfort Killers Blog as a gift. A freebie but

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Load Up And Maximize Your Schedule

The best tip that I have learned in the last few years is the need to load up your schedule as much as possible. This went against the advice from my family and much of society. We are told to “relax and enjoy ourselves.” The message comes from commercials, movies, and TV. We are told

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Need A Back Pat?

I know I come off harsh everytime I lay down my thesis on giving back pats. Everyone wants to be stroked about how good they are, great they are doing and how everything is going to be alright. It worked when we fell down and scraped a knee in elementary school but I am not

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Perfectionism Is Not Profitable

I couldn’t tell you how many typos my book had after finishing the first draft. I wrote my book: How To Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have in about a week before adding various additions in to make it read more smoothly.  If I was still living my artist perfectionist life, there would

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What I Learned From Quitting My Job

It was weeks before my final day and it so happens I was listening Daymond John being interviewed on NPR during my commute. Daymond John said 1 thing that almost made me think twice. He said something to the tune of: If you’re thinking about starting a business or you’re really passionate about moving forward

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How The Theory of Relativity Can Help You

Change Your perspective

Year one of my total, well semi-total transformation from gambling addict to entrepreneur and author, I cut out all bad news, political news, movies, music, and any an everything that would get in my way of changing my life. The actions that I ritually took during that time were spiritual rituals and personal development. I

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