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We are self improvement junkies. It's not a bad thing to want to learn how to enhance your life one day at a time.

Guard Your Mindset Like The Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives houses documents which the church has accumulated over centuries. The archives is the central repositories for state papers, papal account books and correspondence that The Pope has ownership over until he is succeeded by another. Scholars and researchers has limited access to the archives to examine but other than that you

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Real World Rule #236


Here I am quoting the illustrious Albert Einstein again. This time – it’s 5:00 A.M in the morning. The funny thing is that all weekend I was working through a personal thing so I was pretty drained come Sunday. And then come Sunday, I was back on my ten toes, gym – shower – read

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3 Success Habits

The Comfort Killers

If I told you that I wasn’t always on the hunt and searching for millionaire habits to adopt , I’d be lying – bold face. I’ve read countless books on the subject and adopted many habits that I am proud to report, yield some of the greatest human dividends ever. At first it came from

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Obsessed With Improvement?

Dual world. This or That. White or Black I thought that something was wrong with me. No one else around me took personal development as serious as I did. I wasn’t always like this though – it clicked for me back in 2015. Even before then, I was always trying something. Always doing something new.

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We’re Not Into Politics

We, The Comfort Killers It is super easy to get caught in the trap of keeping up with the outer world. I say trap because somewhere down the line you will have forgotten about the only world that matters, the inner. I too am not spared – it takes irregular guts to consume what matters,

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Gary Vaynerchuk: “You’re Afraid”

He’s Right – It boils down to this simple fact: We are afraid to win! Afraid of success. It’s crazy to think that we, you me can be afraid of something that we truly want. At least, we are telling ourselves that we truly want success but our actions, thoughts, behaviors, and attitude are all

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