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Your money, finances and growing your investments over time takes sacrifice, determination and having a plan. Here are articles to help you throughout your wealth journey.

Timeless Wisdom From Warren, John and Robert (old money)

I extracted some timeless wisdom from John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Robert Wilson. These 3 were on a documentary style interview in 1985 and I dissected the secrets behind their words.  Watch the full doc here.  1. Be odd & go against the herd – Templeton2. Find out what is unpopular with other investors –

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Choosing The Right Vehicle To Riches

Your map to gold is already filled with landmines, rough patches and uphill battles fought with yourself mostly. The glory of success comes when you have found yourself where X marks the spot. You’ve accomplished a great feat, you’ve achieved what only 6% of all Americans achieve according to a study by Kauffman Foundation 2016

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WARNING: 4 Things to Avoid As Real Estate Investors

4 Things You Should Avoid as a Real Estate Investor New and experienced investors, I just wanted to throw out some tips to help. I believe if you avoid the 4 topics I cover in this article it will help you save time and money as a real estate investor, property owner or landlord. Wrong

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Investors: How To Hire Contractors That Won’t Rip You Off! ?

New investors can run into some unique situations dealing with contractors, especially if you have never dealt with contractors before. I have not only have had deal with contractors for years owning and managing rental properties, I’ve also done contracting for myself and other property management companies and individuals. This article will give you some

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Tips To Get More $$$ In Real Estate

Let me make this clear, these are not quick money schemes these are strategies you can apply to the operation of your real estate in order to raise your return over time. These are strategies I’ve used in my rental business managing and operating a rental portfolio. Also this is just my philosophy, everyone has

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How To Stack Your Money

The talks between Thelonious C Jones, author, entrepreneur and the realist real estate investor, and myself usually begin with clearing anything small from our minds. “We gotta go BIG!” ….”Yes, there’s no other way” Theo and I have became partners in elevating the consciousness of many through our programs, courses and books. We have a

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