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We are self improvement junkies. It's not a bad thing to want to learn how to enhance your life one day at a time.

How To Get Un-Confused

Confusion, doubt and mix-up are serious conditions for the average entrepreneur to be in. When you find yourself in this state you will be doing one of three things;  Seeking validation Unable to make sound decisions and stick with them Random motion, no clarity When you are confused you are agreeing to many contradicting inputs

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This Is The ONLY Trait Needed For Success

If you had to work on one quality which one would it be? Would it be self-belief? Would you try to work on your attitude? Your confidence? Or what about your ability to learn? Which one?  Well there is one quality that we believe TRUMPS all other qualities as it relates to the attainment of

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Amazingly Easy Way To Change Your Beliefs


Why are you alive? We were born with one thing in common – Figure out our life’s mission and learn, improve and stay on course. We should always remain on purpose.  Then something happens to us when we are born that sets us off purpose. What happens is we forget. We forget how powerful and

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Finally! Books That Don’t Suck

If I hear another person tell me about Think and Grow Rich …I might vomit. If I hear that someone is pointing you to the ultimate “my first books for self-improvement” list I might take a literal crap right where I stand.  There seems to be a follow the leader mentality in personal development. Everyone

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From Comfort to Purpose

At first, The Comfort Killers goal and mission was to teach millions how to get uncomfortable to think better, act better and live better but then we realized that we haven’t done a good job at explaining what ‘better’ actually is and we also failed at providing the roadmap that can allow people to get

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