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St. Croix Port Mini Doc by Thelonious C Jones

A little piece of what goes into shipping freight through ports, importing and exporting and the simple life of essential business flow. Here is a mini documentary of St. Croix Port. Huge thank you to Theo for putting this together and as he mentioned to me today, we should be expecting more!

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What I Want to Say to Lorain | Documentary

In October 2016 I set out on a mission to interview as many entrepreneurs that I can. I wanted to capture the essence of the community that lit fire in my ass. I was thumbing through Twitter one evening and stopped at a video Nick Brockmeyer published on the site. He basically stated in video

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Ray Abboud – Get Into Real Estate NOW!

My team went to York, PA this time to catch up with Ray Abboud. What we left with was more than just clean footage. We left with enough knowledge and inspiration to take our entrepreneurial game up a few notches. Ray Abboud sits with Stacy A. Cross and shares his story about the real estate

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10X Growth Con Documentary

This experience was really an eye opener for me and my team. So many people want more out of their lives. So many people are taking risks to gain freedom. This is why I do it..these people make it all worth it. I was on a search for Comfort Killers and I found out what

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Lenny Bazemore – How To Build An Empire

Lenny Bazemore is a real estate developer, investor, artist, designer and businessman – He was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year in the Manayunk, a small community in Philadelphia. Lenny is my mentor both outside looking in and from the inside out. He was my landlord but I was intrigued. In this quick documentary style

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Gordon Bizar – Business Consultant and Pioneer

Gordon is an internationally acclaimed visionary, innovator and entrepreneur with a 50-year success track record. During this period, through the best and worst of times, he bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. Battle hardened and tempered, Gordon is uniquely qualifies to guide businesses through today’s tough

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