Comfort Killers 101

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There’s Something Special Inside: It’s Called Soul

The Comfort Killers first spawned as a way for me to overcome a 9 year gambling addiction. This addiction sucked all life out of me from the age of 24 to 33.  I knew that something needed to change (and fast!) but I didn’t understand how to make the change permanent. 

Everyone knew me as the one that would get super excited about a thing; start it up and then just quit right around the time things got tough or required more energy than I was willing to exert. 

Gambling on the other hand was a hobby that I turned into a full time job to which I was the best employee. Went in on time, stayed overtime – even put in a whole 24 hours sometime. Employee of the Month.  

My Gambling Addiction Was My Lowest Point …But Also Gave Me Unrelenting Strength

It started as a hobby. Something I tagged along for. Having fun and drinks in front of slots. Then…..I got a taste of a small win! Immediately, I wanted more. I was never satisfied. I just wanted to relive the feeling of the first time.

9 years later I was still trying to find that feeling……. It was too late. I became a compulsive gambler.

My relationships took a turn for the worse.

I put off family functions, missed birthdays, missed graduations just to put another dollar in the slot machine. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep, my eating habit was poor and my overall health, deteriorating.

I lost myself, and my relationship spiraling down the abyss to no man’s land, my finances were torn, my spirituality was broken and I became emotionally unstable.

I thought to myself: How The F&*K Did This Happen To Me?

I thought no one would ever find out. I thought I was able to hide my addiction but It got harder and harder to sweep under the rug.

I started to research more about my addiction ONLY after I lost huge amounts or during periods of depression.

Finally I became sick and tired. Are you sick and tired?

I was totally in the slumps with BAD credit, no money, a visible problem, a broken relationship and low self-esteem.

I took what I now call “The 3 C’s Of Change” and turned my life around INSTANTLY!

I did it without Gambler’s Anonymous and I did without using antidepressants 

Creating The Comfort Killers Saved Me When I Learned and Applied The Secret Sauce: Now I Am Sharing What I Learned!

  1. Make a decision.
  2. Make a commitment.
  3. Change your mindset.
  4. Do the opposite.

I must admit, I was selfish when creating this company. I wanted to use it as a means to stop gambling and what happened next was totally magical! 

I learned that when I move outside of my comfort zone – doing small things everyday, I received rewards. I learned that I was programmed to think, act and live a certain way which caused me revert back into the comforting arms of average. 

This is what I teach my clients and members today – A system that works. A system that yields massive rewards if followed properly and consistently over time. Try this technique and watch the magic work for yourself. 

As a result of getting uncomfortable – I decided to make a short documentary sharing the rules and principles of the system I teach. Take some time now, click the play button and you too can see for yourself just how powerful being a Comfort Killer if!

[Watch] The Comfort Killers @ 10X Growth Con Documentary

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If you want something to GROW – you have to cultivate and care for it!

In 2016, we were born.

In 2017, we were running around wild. 

In 2018, we are building the core brand, products and services. 

We are also ensuring that our values are embedded on everything that has our name on it. It is important to us that these values are introduced and adhered to in all of our products and communication. 

  1. Integrity, Truth and Transparency (ITT) in all communication, products, and services.– Without it we have nothing.  I personally had to rebuild my integrity after my life in the casinos and I know how important it is to a) do what I / We say we are going to do and b) take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, mistakes and failures. This is a core value that precedes everything we do in business.
  2. Love and Respect our Customers and Members.– Everything that I create is created with love. I truly want to help people – that is why I carry a big mission (teach millions how to get uncomfortable). I know that if I am not sending you our products with love in it then you will not be able to receive it and use it respectively. As far as respect – I respect all of our past, present and future customers. That is why we provide top notch customer service to all. It is our duty.

I have personal principles that I do my best to follow – they are listed below:

  1. Always Be Learning and Improving
  2. Always Show Up
  3. Be Patient Yet Prepared
  4. Be The Tortoise and The Hare
  5. Always Take Massive Action

The Ideal Comfort Killer Is the Person That Is Living Up To Their Highest Potential.

Do you know of the individual? I have a good feeling that you want to be this individual. There are so many ways to do this but you the way I teach is to get uncomfortable and take action daily. Here is a testimony from Comfort Killer, Steven Ocean from Arizona. 

I am not going to bust your chops! We don’t take changing lives lightly and we definitely won’t allow you to sit around and wait for it to happen. We actually get crazy and immediately jump in, face first. We don’t wait for Monday’s or January 1. We go now! We figure the rest out later and I am happy to help you get that immediate burst of energy to get your life on the correct path!

After completing the Building Blocks to Success 30 Day Video Program by The Comfort Killers, I am more disciplined than I have ever been before.  Each day of this program Stacy gave us life-changing task to do. Everything that we did in this program helps us to develop mental muscles so that we can be stronger mentally.  I am grateful to have been apart of such a life-changing program. – Kimberly Henry

Not Just A Motivation Company – we actually care about you when motivation fizzles (and it will)

It’s going to happen. Motivation is going to fade faster than memory of what you wore to a seminar that PUMPED you up. I remember walking out of a seminar after a few hours because I got a glimpse of what was missing – and as I looked around the room, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before the motivation that initially created the desire to take action was going to fizzle away. 

[Watch] Elena Cardone explains in the VIDEO below: exactly why motivation is for suckers!

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Do you agree that you do not need more motivation. What you need is a system that works. A system that creates discipline. 

I am here for you both as a guide and a friend. 

I want to hear your stories – I want to chat with you on our monthly conference calls and know what makes you smile. I want to know how I can help you and how my company can better serve you. That’s how I learn and get better – when we are learning together. 

I do my best to respond to emails, letters and social media messages. I treat everyone equally and respect and appreciate your time – I am just a crazy girl in Philadelphia, who is crazy enough to want to change the world. I want to do my part to make sure you are living the best life possible, today! 

Thank you for taking the time.

Written this day with love,