Do you remember when AOL first arrived on the scene in the early 90s and the moment after logging in you heard a man’s voice “You’ve Got Mail” and the voice was like Christmas time, so warm and welcoming. You dropped everything and clicked the mail ICON because you were excited to have virtual friends.

Those days are long gone but we still open our inboxes with that joy. SPAM can be annoying but we know that if you take the time to fill out the form below then you must have something important you want to share. We encourage you to contact us.

However, there are some rules!

The fastest way to reach us is  via email by filling out the form below. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. The best way to reach us is via snail mail which we go out of our way to read. Another method of contact us is through our social media channels: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 

Send letters and packages to: 

The Comfort Killers LLC

P.O Box 29103

Philadelphia, PA 19127