Creating a “Brand” While Creating Nothing

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Nope! This is not a post on how to create a brand while creating absolutey nothing. This is an observation and analysis of how the internet has literally watered-down all aspects of true entrepreneurship and content creation. Some of the best videos I watch on YouTube now have NOTHING to do with entrepreneurship or how to BLOW up your brand. If you’re looking on YouTube for this information and actually think that you’ll learn something – think again. Most YouTube content creators release videos with the purpose of receiving ad revenue and that is all.


I was just saying to my friend that YouTube is a big ass infomercial. You know the old school infomercials that used to flood your TV after -hours. That’s what it is now. Brings me to a story about a new barber who was battling with me on the need to build a brand over creating a valuable product or service and selling it. It was one Gary Vee quote after the other with him. It still amazes me how far away from the actual meaning of the words, business and entrepreneurship we have strayed. #together

I was watching a video of what was happening in Houston by a ‘live streamer’ who kept shouting about TSS $3, shout out $5 which I was confused about until I realized he was begging people for money. All these content creators now aren’t trying to build their craft they are turning into e-slaves.

There is a reason why I pulled myself away from the fake stuff because I understood the need for quality over quantity in regards to content. I understood that people will become tired of the same ol’ redundancy of internet social branding. Yesterday, I watched a clip of someone stopping a worker who was boarding up a business in Santa Monica to ask if she could pretend she is drilling a piece of the board as her boyfriend takes a photo for Instagram. The man didn’t understand but allowed her to. She pretended to drill for 10 seconds while the perfect filter was added to the photo. She told the man thank you and they both left the scene in their Benz truck. Her ‘fans’ will think she is deeply involved in the securing of property, she is out helping the community in duress. She is ‘in the streets.’ She may even get some donations headed her way for the ‘work’ she is doing.

Listen, I have no problem with this new internet economy or the way people choose to get their bread. The rate of anxiety and depression conditions among people that choose to get their bread by producing nothing valuable far outweighs the benefit of partaking in it. Real entrepreneurs and life long personal growth addicts do not consume this.

People want to and will reward you for doing what you do. Fans love to reward artists, musicians, authors, actors, and other creators with the tokens of their appreciation, because it allows them to connect with people they admire. Forcing this natural cycle of reward only leads producing more and more rubbish.

As Comfort Killers, we must move away from the herd mentality. We must move away from being involved and overly consumed by the life and lifestyle of others which adds nothing of value to our own life. We must not waste time trying to follow people but instead lead in our lives. Build valuable relationships and take necessary action on our goals and plans. There is a market for quality – there will always be a need for actual facts and real information.

In it for the LONG game,

Stacy A. Cross


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