Diagnosis: Shiny Object Syndrome

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We all had it some time or another and if you are in any form of entrepreneurship you get this condition more times than anybody else. Why? Cause we want to WIN! Straight up. If something new, shiny and full of promises to make our business lives easier – we want in …because we want to win. There’s no shame in it. Until, there’s …..shame in it. 


I feel bad for the marketing experts out there…there’s a new shiny object in marketing and digital marketing popping up on a minute basis. Algorithms change like the wardrobe of a Hollywood elitist. You cannot keep up with the revolutions so instead we summon the great gods of tech to tell us where to invest our TERM (time, energy, resources and money) next.

But, lo and behold…there’s more.

Yo! Yo! Don’t forget to pick up The Comfort Killers Book – the best treatment for Shiny Object Syndrome since the CatScan – No Doctors Approved This Article.

The Comfort Killers Book

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – Chief Work-The-Plan Officer

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