Entrepreneurs, Who’s In Your Circle?

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Please, please, please …pay close attention to who you allow in your circle. You need like minded individuals that want to see you succeed. You do not need negative, pessimistic and low energy associates. 


Imagine, you’re fighting to keep your spirits high. Business is already risky. You’re struggling to keep the lights on and your rent paid then you meet with negative Nick for lunch and you explain ALL what you have going on. Nick says one thing and bring your entire mood down. You feel stupid because you’re wondering why you’ve been so stupid. You thought you’re idea was good. Not great, but good. 

You don’t need the negative Nicks and you don’t need YES men either. YES men are the worse type of friends to keep around. They are just around you for the benefits…well, until the benefits run out and you’re struggling to keep the lights on and pay your rent. Then they turn out to be NOPE! Not there. 

So who do you need in your corner? You’ve taken massive steps to build up your mind-set and create some form of business. You are a believer, a trooper and a warrior. You are passionate about your customers and products. You want to change the world… who’s coming with you? 

Watch the video below (about 9 minutes) to get a clear idea of the people you need in your circle, especially being an entrepreneur. 

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Stacy A. Cross – Chief Avoider Of Negative Nicks

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