Everyone Has An Opinion – It’s Tough To Be Neutral

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With all that is going on in the world right now especially when everyone is emotionally charged, it is tough to be neutral. It is tough to see both sides of the coin when you are being directed to defend your position.


Emotional decisions can lead to regret and it’s best you figure out ways to lower the charge you get when you are angry, sad, or frustrated with current outcomes. There is a clear difference between power and force. Force needs movement – needs to act against something but power remains still.

In Dr. David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, Dr. Hawkins provides a set of instances in which the energy of power is created. “Polarization always implies conflict; its cost, therefore, is always high. Because force incites polarization, it inevitably produces a win/lose dichotomy; and because somebody always loses, enemies are always created.  Constantly faced with enemies, force requires constant defense. Defensiveness is invariably costly, whether in the marketplace, politics or international affairs.”

The source of power just ‘is’ and needs not be defended or won in an argument. Power is life over death. No argument needed there. Power is health over disease. No argument required there as well. Once you move into force, you will always need to defend that position. Energy is consumed once we are in defense mode. The consumption of said energy makes it harder to concentrate on your goals. Notice that media deliberately puts you in a position to defend. White vs Black, Left vs Right, Republicans vs. Democrats, – Media is turning us into little defend-a-cons which costs us so much energy, time, heartache and stress.

A friend of mine whose mother is white and father is black commented on the recent police shooting in Atlanta which left a black man dead. The comment caused an argument between two forces. The argument spilled over into the rest of my friend’s day who made it a point to share with me his side. I told him, be neutral. It’s tough to do that. I told him, I understand but I don’t need to comment on whose right or who is wrong.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more about my own power.

New investors has sprung up during Covid lock down. Some of whom invested their bailout $1200 checks into stocks. Most of whom never played with the market before. I made it a point to do additional background research on the value of companies versus just gambling with my investments. But emotions run high when everyone is on YouTube sharing their pre-covid investment strategies thus creating a emotional boom into a market that was already overpriced to begin with.

Living in power means one thing: living with meaning. Power has meaning and motivation – you cannot force either one of these things. Getting back to the basics is powerful, not getting distracted by every news flash across CNN or FOX  is powerful. Not being moved by another person’s old strategies is powerful. Not getting into an emotional debate but instead, figured out long term solutions is powerful.

On David Chapel’s latest program, he said something to the tune of, “I want to be at a place where I can get my family out of here” Having the means and resources to take action is powerful. How does power look in the marketplace? “All too often, the ‘buyer’ -who can be a voter, investor, or truth-seeker, as well as a purchaser –is captured by the glamour of an imitator pattern that on the surface appears to be a high-energy attractor pattern. People are dazzled by superficial style and slick presentations,…”

To be a success, Dr. Hawkins stated that, “it is necessary to embrace and operate from the basic principles that produce success, not just imitate the actions of successful people.” This is very important and is one of the key principles that we share as The Comfort Killers. It’s easy to imitate, but it can be just as easy to follow basic principles. So why don’t we adopt the latter approach often? Because we’ve heard it one thousand times – fake it til you make it! But never looked at how many people “made it by faking it” … we defend the approach because we are insecure about our inner abilities so latching on to someone else’s ability is much easier than the slower paced self-mastery approach.

Here is my final though on being neutral in defense and using your power energy to create. In Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins outlines the principles for Social Power and the Human Spirit which serves as a reminder for me on how to completely eradicate ill feelings and emotionally charged actions. He states, “one basic principle has the power to resolve the problems of the social marketplace: support the solution instead of attacking the supposed causes. Attack is in itself inherently a very weak attractor pattern, leading through fear to intimidation, coercion and, eventually, moral corruption. ….Force is the universal substitute for true”

Comfort Killers, you must stay on your path, must keep basic principles in while you are striving for your goals. Whether your goal is to create a different world, full of peace and joy – this must begin with you and in your environment which you control. Dreamers dream for a different world but will do nothing to change themselves. We mustn’t get distracted by superficial events, people or by media. You have the power to choose between defense mode or neutral mode while you continue on your journey to success.

If you are planning future investments, create your financial plan – don’t aim to be get rich quick, instead slowly attain wealth. I’ve recently heard the best analogy for wealth. Don’t know where I heard it but here goes anyway. Think of a fraction: the numerator and denominator. Real wealth is measured by the denominator while the numerator is the daily changes. The instant, ups and downs. Don’t be overly consumed by the numerator..overtime real wealth is measured by the changes of the denominator.

  1. Create a real plan
  2. Choose power mindset
  3. Choose offensive plays
  4. Get a handle on emotional cues and behavior
  5. Turn off any source that injects you with emotional charge
  6. Research and Analyze any investments
  7. Stick to your plan
  8. Do not divert because someone thinks your plan sucks or has a better plan for you.
  9. Don’t SHARE your goals or your plans with anyone (except your spouse, or significant other)
  10. Stay on course and reevaluate your plan incrementally and adjust for wins and achievement
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