Question: How often is new content published to CK?

Our content calendar is as follows. We publish pieces of content on a weekly basis in the form of articles, interviews, mini-courses and much more. Note: we are a moving a lot of content between our old online academy to this platform so you may find that content will be our initial focus for Q4 and into Q1

Question: How can we sign up to LIVE events?

We announce all new events on the live events page as well as in our monthly email to members. Information to register for an upcoming event accompanies the email. 

Question:  When am I going to receive my Welcome Box? 

All new month-to-month members receive The Comfort Killers welcome box after their third month consecutive month of subscription. 

All semi-annual and annual subscription members receive their box within 7-14 days after signing up. 

Question: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes! You may cancel your subscription at any time. You will have access up until the end of your subscription term. If you have any questions email [email protected] 

Question: What can members expect to see in the future?

Our team is working deliberately to see that you receive top-notch information, service and resources. Our founder, Stacy A. Cross, is in the field ensuring that more data gets funneled to our members. She is 100% dedicated to providing the best resources for self-improvement, entrepreneurship, leadership, personal growth and mindset. 

Here is our plan: 

Current deliverables – monthly Q&A sessions, welcome box for all new members, live events, end-of-the-year webinar on goals, member article contribution and back-end content

Here’s where we are taking this: 

Q1-2019: Introduce roadmap to purpose, includes 5 training modules. 

Q2-2019: Ramping up partnership collaborations

Q3-2019: Forums & App creation

Q4-2019: Retreat /Seminar / Tour

Stick with us! We are going to do this together! 

Question: Are membership prices going to increase?

Yes. Some members are on introductory / beta prices currently. Every 6 months we will assess our position and our revenue team will increase or stay the same. 

**after beta test, prices will double. 

If you decided to cancel your membership from a beta price and resubscribe at a later time, you will honor posted price for membership. 

Question: Is the Facebook Group still active?

The facebook group will be going through some minor tweaks to get back to standard but we are aiming to introduce forums to our members for a better undistracted means to communicate and engage with other members. 

have a question? email [email protected] 


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