Finally! Books That Don’t Suck

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If I hear another person tell me about Think and Grow Rich …I might vomit. If I hear that someone is pointing you to the ultimate “my first books for self-improvement” list I might take a literal crap right where I stand. 

There seems to be a follow the leader mentality in personal development. Everyone wants to be like everyone else. It gets boring quick. Where are you getting your information from? Folks that watered down the very information you can get straight up? 

I just finished reading Zigs book “The Secrets of Closing The Sale” and I knew who copied it like a champ. – See, this is how I eat books. And, I warn you. If you don’t want to waste hours upon hours of good old fashion reading just to be cool. Then you should learn how to eat books too.

In the video below, I will help you save yourself from yourself and the masses and get real about reading garbage. Also, if you want to really develop yourself. You cannot for one second any longer indulge in the antics of the 80%

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – Chief Book Eating Officer

P.S Purchase my book where finally someone had the balls to step away from theoretical B.S and give it to you straight and raw with typos and all. 

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