Freedom, Liberty and Justice: Flames of a Revolution

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We are living in times of social unrest, hurt and despair. If someone had peeked into the future of 2020 back in the 90s, we all probably wouldn’t believe it. A black man died on camera in Minneapolis while pleading for his life saying, “I can’t breathe” to the police officer who pressed his knee down on his neck.  The black man’s name is George Floyd. George Floyd’s death was the straw that broke down the entire system. His death sparked outrage, protests and unsettling anger from all wanting answers and justice for the four police officers involved.


Derek Chauvin, the officer caught on video kneeling on George’s neck, along with three others were immediately fired from the police department following the incident. The problem with that is, if I or you kneel in someone’s neck resulting in that person’s death, we would immediately be found, charged and locked up pending trial. That was not the case here. The slow-to-respond tactics of the police department and justice system fueled many protests not only in Minneapolis, but almost all major cities in America.

George is among a list of many death of black men and women who were killed by police, many of them acquitted or received favorable sentencing. People has protested, called for social reform, police brutality awareness, and local change. In all these years, little to nothing has amounted to anything tangible and long lasting.

I go back to a time pre-civil war where America was fighting for its freedom from the strongholds of taxation and control by England. Even though England had all the positions within America, the people were not happy at all and fought for their freedom. America is built after revolution. But, with a the revolution  came purpose, strategy and a plan of action after freedom attained. During the civil war 1861 – 1865 was a war mostly based on the inclusion of all states versus the popular accepted reason of Southern states advocating their rights to uphold slavery and be separate from the ‘united states’ American soil is already used to seeing blood, damage and carnage. The only difference is having long term solutions to accompany the unrest.

I don’t agree with looting and destruction. I do not believe that it does anybody any good to deface and burn down other people’s property. All I ask is that longer term solutions be put in place on an individual level.

What are longer term solutions?

Well for one, be a police officer, fire fighter, lawyer, and go into local politics or national politics to be the change you want to see. Second, self development and acquiring real wealth so you can help others in your community. I was born in Jamaica and still to this day people are weary to vacation or go back home during election season. During that time there are killings and destruction. Why? What is the government doing for you? Nothing.

We must all stop trying to rely on government to solve all of our problems and learn to take responsibility for everything in our lives. This was the best advice given to me in all of my life. I never quite understood what it truly meant until now.

Shame on the crooked, corrupt and racist police officers, politicians, and corporate thugs. Here’s the analogy. There are GOOD people, people doing their jobs and want to go home to their family. It’s a dual world we live in. So what can we do? The best thing to do is get educated, get knowledge, get wealth and take care of our families. If you want real change to occur, it has to start from within. – you must look at things objectively and not be too emotional. Because here’s the domino effect.

We want justice for George Floyd. Yes. We loot up our own neighborhoods and now people are out of work. People like my brother, my father, my mother and my friends. Months later they cannot pay rent or keep up with their mortgage. They are evicted – Work is scarce around town. COVID-19 restrictions already in place on small business owners trying to make a living, higher insurance premiums, higher cost goods. Everyone is living on the edge and not hiring anymore. Business in the town has declined. The looting and destruction has only negative effects.

Now, I don’t care what anyone says – there are opportunists and their are people wanting positive change. These two people are incredibly different. There are many distractions going on and I am seeing through it right now. Stay on your path and keep changing yourself so you can help more people.

The war is for reform, freedom, joy, liberty and justice – and I salute everyone on that path PERIOD!

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Stacy A. Cross

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