Gary Vaynerchuk: “You’re Afraid”

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He’s Right – It boils down to this simple fact: We are afraid to win! Afraid of success.


It’s crazy to think that we, you me can be afraid of something that we truly want. At least, we are telling ourselves that we truly want success but our actions, thoughts, behaviors, and attitude are all screaming ” WE ARE SCARED!

We all definitely have things that we choke up about. Things like:

  1. Asking for more money.
  2. Speaking in front of people.
  3. Going after things we actually believe in and love.
  4. or remove ourselves from the shadows of our parents and their success or their lack of success.

I see it all the time. In fact, the reason I wrote my book was to outline everything I did to get uncomfortable to get my ship off the dock. Purchase my book here and now. 

Some of us is still at the docks sipping on pina colada and looking at 2 by 4’s wishing we could get started to build the boat. In my docuseries, Life After 9 to 5, I document my life after leaving my job of 7 years and leaving the job market I’ve known since my first after-school gig in high school. Sure I am scared of the unknown (death), sure I left something secure (comfort), sure I am letting everything hang out to dry … but I rather bet on myself than not ever take that chance in life. I’ve had way too many regrets to keep still.

Building a business is moving away from the dock, but knowing that a goal that will enable financial abundance and freedom is a goal worth going for.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Vaynerchuk and I must say, he has the voice of a hustling ass immigrant. The type of American that appreciates being in America because of its proximity to wealth, opportunities and reset buttons. Everything here can be reset. You can literally wake up tomorrow and say, “to hell with this, I’m hitting that button and starting over but this time on MY terms”.. I mean, yeah you’re still going to have those school loan debts, the shitty job and they relationship that you should’ve quit years ago – but what you really reset was your attitude and mindset.

Everything begins with mindset. It is hella uncomfortable to come to terms with the fact that you were the one in you’re own way this whole time and YES you were very afraid.

When I was addicted to gambling for 9+ years I blamed everyone and everything for it. It was my parent’s fault, it was the casino, the night I went to the casino, the card dealer …the lady sitting next to me that smelled like piss. It was everything other than myself..because I was AFRAID to admit that I was a loser. I was scared to be a success.

If you have no idea how to start this massive change to success, you might want to download my FREE ebook: 3 Simple Secrets to Success. It’s simple because I don’t want it to be hard anymore. The formula for change is really a science …some of it is an art but mostly a science. All of it starts within. You have to focus on internal changes if you wish to change what you see externally. This is known fact. Download the ebook and begin reading right away. You’re new life depends on it.

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Thanks for reading,

Stacy A. Cross


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