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Social media is now the required vehicle – not choice. If you are deliberately choosing to avoid these platforms for the sake of #privacy #boredom or being too #cool for the new school then you’re doing business wrong. You are your business. People are buying you first, trusting you first and then exchanging value for value.


What your readers, viewers, customers, leads, passerbyers are doing is exchanging their most valuable asset which is TIME. What you owe back to them is consistent and equally valuable content. 

What is content? People get this twisted all the time – but what is it? This article you are reading right now is a piece of content that had to come from somewhere. It came from The Comfort Killers and Stacy A. Cross. The video you will watch below featuring a talk from Gary Vaynerchuk is a piece of content. If I didn’t do it …somebody else will. Or how I like to look at content is this: If I don’t do it….no one else can. 

Relevancy and attention are assets.

But how do you keep up. Today in my podcast we discuss this very thing with Fred Blumenberg – the #1 entrepreneur mindset coach.  Fred goes live on a different social media channel every day. Monday’s he’s over on twitter, then instagram, then facebook, then YouTube. .. his goal is to stay on top of people’s minds and feed. 

Let’s face it – no one is opening the yellow pages looking for a coach. Barely anyone is asking their barber, “you know a good fitness trainer” People are DIYers, which means they are googling, youtubing and DMing away. 

You can say that I stand in both lanes with more hanging over platform building. I’ve watched platforms come and go …hell, I still have my myspace page up but I haven’t checked my messages over there. It falls down to: Making content. 

So – you’re fresh off a Gary Vaynerchuk concert and you say .. “fuck, I want to be like Gary Vee” – that’s your first problem. You can’t be like Gary V, because Gary V wasn’t even Gary V until Gary V evolved into Gary V. Stop beginning at the surface the surface level.

First thing is first – change your damn name on all your social media from @hen_234_xox1 to @firstnamelastname or something that is much easier than the former. Then go get you some channels to distribute. 

  1. Medium – distribute written word.
  2. YouTube – distribute recordings
  3. Instagram – distribute, photos, video, or a mixture
  4. Facebook – distribute your life. 

Then, stop making all your channels private. I’ve seen rappers, models, and so-called content makers privatize their everything. Let me add you without restrictions. Then create a content schedule that fits your time and schedule. 

Do NOT think you are Gary V – he has a team of people that produce, shoot, film, record, brand, draw, make graphics, think of titles, post to channels, upload, edit, and curate. That’s where most people fail. 

You get the bug and then you just emulate but …you can’t keep up. 

Here’s Gary V’s first video on YouTube. 


Man – no curses. Pure passion. I love how you can get traces of his love for setting trends and being one of the first doing things. He’s evolved. This is how you have to approach content making and storytelling also. 

There takes a level of passion to want to do this daily. Social media will make great things happen. But you have to create with purpose. What I mean is this: So there’s a ‘thing’ now and I can’t stand it for one bit but many people actually LOVE and subscribe to this shit. It’s videos where you watch people eating and the sounds of them eating pasta, bread, sushi, lobster, rice is heightened. So you’re literally sitting there watching someone chew their food and listening to the sweet sounds of eating. WTF?

Ay – it’s content. There’s a niche and even though I can’t get with it, hundreds of thousands and even millions do. So know what you are doing. Know what you are putting out there. Make it consistent and allow people at first to exchange their most valuable asset with you. 

Right now – it’s not about selling. It’s about creating leverage. Once you get that..then you keep it pushing forward. 

Well. I’m up front. So I’m selling you The Comfort Killers Book. Make sure you purchase your copy today! 

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – Chief F*&KING Content Creator

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