How To Get Un-Confused

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Confusion, doubt and mix-up are serious conditions for the average entrepreneur to be in. When you find yourself in this state you will be doing one of three things; 


  1. Seeking validation
  2. Unable to make sound decisions and stick with them
  3. Random motion, no clarity

When you are confused you are agreeing to many contradicting inputs from many sources which causes one to act and behave in ways that goes against their values or make it hard to think for themselves. 

I have taken a break from social media as this was one source of confusion that I had to clear and rundown before returning. Second, there were people in my life that were feeding me their own failures and challenges that I took on because social acceptance says we should be nice and listen. 

There really cannot be any production if you are confused. Why? What will you produce? How will you stay on track? The basis of this is that there isn’t a tangible thing to hold on to. Your ideas are fluffy and can be swatted out of thin air when someone offers a new idea or concept. Here’s an example. 

Your friend tells you about an amazing fortune building idea. You call off of work because you look up to your friend and he/she portrays that they are doing well for themselves and you want to know more about this new shiny thing. You go to the meeting. There, they upsell you on education products for stock trading. You are not into stocks and never were but they’ve made it sound easy and passive. An old man can do it! 

You look around the room your friend is like YEAH! Let’s crush it! Let’s get in on the ground level. Then you realize that you’ve purchased the product for $2999.99. Your savings. You got to be in it to win it right? Right! says your pal. 

You go home and tell your girlfriend that this is it! You found your passion. It’s stocks. Your girlfriend is supportive and wants to see you win, so she cheers on your new found passion. Confusion kicks in when you call your friend for advice and he now tells you he’s only been in the program for 2 months and had little wins with it. You get angry because it’s not so easy. More money would have to be invested in the inner circle to learn the actual systems and process. You invest. Another $5,000.00 for weekly calls with people from all over the world. 

Everyone is super pumped and highly motivated and want to succeed. This week’s homework: Read The Intelligent Investor, a book famed by Warren Buffet which was written in 1949. For the record, Warren was born in 1930. This book was actually read in the economic climate it was written for. Warren found value in it back in 1949.. so they will be sure you will find SOME value in it now in 2018.

You find the stock! You go all in: because you read somewhere that if you put ALL your eggs in one basket and it gains – it’ll be a HUGE gain for you. If it loses, so what – you’re an entrepreneur. Then another friend comes to the scene and shares some great news about a real estate investing group that you OUGHT TO be a part of. You want nothing more to win in life and you will do just about anything to make that happen for yourself and family. So, you go to this meeting and guess what? Your being upsold.

No one brings you information on how to start a company together, collaborate, create an event together or do something that will change your life. That’s how you know people around you are confused. They share tales about someone else, doing something else, somewhere else and how you should be a part of it. 

You’re confused. 

There will always be something new, shiny, beautiful, and pretty to look at and invest in. It’s basic human nature to want something new and groundbreaking. That’s how America was supposedly founded. A new land. New opportunities and new money. While everyone pushes their ultra fancy business cards on you – you have nothing to show but empty pockets and failed attempts at the good life. You know why? You don’t have your own solid ground to stand on so in order for you to stand firm …you stand on someone else’s ground. 

I want you to remove all confusion. I want to talk to YOU! The person who knows that they know and/or that they don’t know and can make real decisions ..some of which are uncomfortable and need confronting. 

The opposite of confusion is control. Randomness is removed..mixup and moving about without any solid ground is removed. OPI’s (Other people’s ideas) are removed. You will have the opportunity to be YOU -moving closer to YOUR goals and doing things that mean something of value to YOU! 

Okay now let’s get you unconfused:

  1. Disconnect and eliminate from sources of confusion. People, Things, Ideas and Concepts that you blindly agreed to. 
  2. Write out your Goals and find your why (our webinar will help you with that)
  3. Create your Comfort Killer War Plan
  4. Clear up your doubt. 

Clearing doubt is another process and when you are able to clear up confusion then you will proceed to cleaning up the doubt around you. Stay tuned for the second part of this process via our Podcast in December. 

Stacy A. Cross Chief Confusion Removing Officer 

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