How To Stack Your Money

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The talks between Thelonious C Jones, author, entrepreneur and the realist real estate investor, and myself usually begin with clearing anything small from our minds.


“We gotta go BIG!” ….”Yes, there’s no other way”

Theo and I have became partners in elevating the consciousness of many through our programs, courses and books. We have a symbiotic relationship in and out of business and I love his style greatly.

It started off with our mini-documentary: This is Real Estate Investing (click here to watch) which gave you an insider view of his real estate principles and techniques which was used to buy-and-hold multiple properties in the East Point area of GA. + what you really get to see is how personal everything is to Theo. The stories, the ups and the downs.

How To Stack Your Money is just another piece to the puzzle in life. In order to Invest, you have to first learn how to stack your money – not save your money. So during another visit to Atlanta we spread awareness about the principles needed to lift up your finances.

Many of Theo’s followers, fans, students and mentees want to get into real estate investing but some are hung up on the initial buy-in. I don’t have the credit or the what happens is they deter away from every owning a piece of property that they can easily turn into passive income. He knew that he had to create a solution for individuals. The solution wasn’t a put together, made-up-on-the-fly conclusion – it is a documented manuscript of actions taken by Thelonious C Jones himself before he was able to get his feet wet in real estate, which made the evolution of its practicality greater.

Much knowledge is shared via The Comfort Killers Academy on the subject of finance, money and credit, where Theo is a main contributor in. Either way, Theo is passionate about giving you ALL the tools not just selling you hopes fairy dust and a bunch of theory.

If you are in any way shape or form looking to stack, then look no further than here:

Order your copy of the book by visiting this link here:
and, stay tuned to our new documentary on this subject dropping in September 2018.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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