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I thought that something was wrong with me. No one else around me took personal development as serious as I did. I wasn’t always like this though – it clicked for me back in 2015. Even before then, I was always trying something. Always doing something new. Even though most didn’t work out or I pivoted … I never stopped trying. Never stopped improving.


Nowadays I find more and more people that believe in this evolution of self. Thank God for the internet because now you can select the people you want to see information from. You can shut out what you do not want in a jiffy and cultivate ideas, information and people that have similar personal development goals.

Even in my business, I have evolved. Last year this time, I was going around the U.S interviewing business owners and entrepreneurs to find clues that help me build my own.  What I found was much more than day to day business talk.. it was much more than spreadsheets and lean 6 sigma. I found that they all were obsessed with personal growth.

The #1 Reason People Are Afraid to Grow

I’ll tell you why – and I only know this because at one point, I was scared to death of this.

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It’s a little obstacle in your way called: self-image. But first it boils down to taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Let’s talk about self-image first. Our self-image is responsible for the limits for the accomplishment of any goal.  If we feed or have been feeding our mind with beliefs of unworthiness, inferiority, undeserving or incapable then it is processed automatically and spits out a negative self image. So no matter what problem, or projects or challenges you face … you literally will defeat yourself every time. You approach things objectively from the ideas that you’ve accepted which does not belong to you, nor are they true.

So anytime you have a brand new fire to go crush something, start a business, change your career, lose weight or just about anything that involves growth and discovering new awesome parts of yourself – you ball up and get scared. Why? Because it’s much easier that way. Your brain has all the stored information in the form of response in solving current situations. It’s much easier for your brain to go to memory banks of previously relied upon information.

Basically, it’s a program. Most of the time, it’s not your fault.

On the flip side, as humans we strive to survive, innately searching for growth and success. It’s already embedded in us to want more and to improve our situations. Why don’t more people actually do it then?

  1. You do not take responsibility for your life.
  2. You do not recognize the cycle you are in any longer – it’s automatic
  3. You never thought that it could be reversed

Reversing Negative Self-Image

You may want to immediately go into reversing your negative self-image. Geez … let’s drink some water first, get to know each other and let’s talk about the missing piece to solving this puzzle.

The reason why this is a can’t skip step is because once you accept a situation and know that you are the source of everything you’ve ever experienced or received then you can be the source that changes it as well. When I had my gambling ‘problem’ this meant looking in the mirror and stop making excuses and blaming others for my issue. Once I accepted that I put myself there, I was determined to take myself out of it ..by any means, even if it meant starting a company, traveling, creating content, and getting outside of my comfort zone.

Taking responsibility is like saying: “you know what, it’s my thing, ill handle it – ill confront it – ill fix it. You ever have a customer service issue then a person comes from the back and you can tell just by looking at him/her that they are going to get it handled. Then they come out and say: “I apologize, it was our mistake” then you feel better? The best part about that is… they didn’t even begin to work on your issue! But since that person took responsibility for it, accepted it …they can now look for solutions.

That is how it works with us too. When we accept it, we take control. Only people that are in control can fix things.

  1. I want my surgeon in control
  2. I want my pilot in control
  3. I want my uber driver in control

When you are out of control, you are not taking responsibility for your life and actions and then my friend, you will not be able to change a damn thing!

Okay, forreal now  – Here’s how you reverse negative self-image

First thing is first – you should sign up for free to become a member of The Comfort Killers

That’s the first thing. The second thing you should do is make a goal to become obsessed with personal growth and self-discovery.  Constant evolving, peeling away and becoming the person you wish to become is the goal. You have to be obsessed with it – not just do it on the weekends for the gram. You gotta really want this!

The third thing is – practicing and experiencing new habits of thinking, imagining, remembering and acting in order to develop a realistic self-image and use your creative flow to bring about excitement in achieving particular goals.

I am going to invite you to sign up to your free membership and go through the 30 Day Building Blocks to Success Course where I walk with you everyday for 30 days. I literally hold your hands through developing a success focused self-image.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross

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