If You Can Do These 5 Things…You Will Be In The Top 20%

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What are successful people doing on a daily basis that separates them from the rest of the world? Why is it important to duplicate and integrate successful habits in your daily rituals? Listen, I cannot fathom just laying around for weeks and not taking action on anything and if you want to be a part of the top 20%, 10% and even 5% ..you need to take action on your goals too. 

What do you think has gotten in the way of your success? Well, here’s one thing that I KNOW has gotten in the way of mine long ago: PROCRASTINATION! 

To overcome this evil trait you must take action. That’s really it. Do the things you hate doing. In fact, do them first thing in the morning. Looking at my battle plan today…I notice that I have to work on my financials and tax spreadsheet. Boy do I hate doing that. But underlying this laziness towards getting things done reveals to me a bigger problem. It says: You reject knowing about where you stand and you are not in control. 

Successful people take control and take action. I am not talking about taking control of others in this case. I am talking about self-discipline. Successful people are self-disciplined enough to take control of their tasks. They do not leave it up to someone else or make up excuses as to why they can’t do it. 

Ever had an appointment or project canceled or rescheduled by someone and instead of them just stating the definitive time for the reschedule they make up excuses? All excuses are bullshit. You might as well not even say anything. Just confirm the next date.

Here’s the problem that I see out there with people: We weren’t taught how to be successful. We were taught to be lazy. 

I have a cousin who is 12 years old and been modeling since she was 5. Her schedule between school, photo shoots, events, practice, traveling state-to-state, fashion shows will turn people up-side-down. I congratulate her … other people might say: slow down. She should focus on school. My niece, Naima, is a straight A student even with this rigorous schedule. Everyone perform like my 12 year old niece but guess what? We weren’t taught how to be successful. 

So, how do we move into the top 20%? 

I have put together 5 short, sweet and powerful videos that will shake you out of your comfort zone. I laid it out in tasks – things you can do that might be uncomfortable to you now. That discomfort will propel you into moving out of the 80%. 

My video training is NOT for those that are comfortable in the 80% that run home and watch Love and Hip-Hop and catch every damn football game… it’s for those that know they need to shake shit up and get moving – these are the people I rather help. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what you will learn in today’s training.

  • How to Cut The Bullshit and Get Serious About Personal Success!
  • How to Confront Your Failures and Move On!
  • How to Face Your Fears and Move On!
  • How to Assess People In Your Life – Are they supporting you or not?
  • How to Read a Book a Week! 

Are you ready to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone? I’m not here to dance around theory. I am here to push you to the limits! The first step is doing this 5 things! You may not think they are anything now… but trust me, 80% won’t even touch them. 

Ready for self-mastery? Join me in my 30 Day Mastery For Success Online Video Course when you’re ready to take GIANT leaps towards your personal growth! Learn more below: 

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – Chief Makes No Excuses Officer

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