Interview with Corey Thompson – Laid Off But Gotta Eat

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Corey Thompson is your everyday Texas guy, a hunter and fisher. A type of guy that loves to hustle and make something happen for himself and family, and especially building wealth for his daughter. Corey had a good job. I thought it was 30,000 a year at first until I realized what he said. $30,000 a month! He was laid off from his oil industry gig and was forced to find something else to keep up that lifestyle.

Corey Thompson went with a buddy of his to a real estate seminar and even though he was skeptical, went for it anyway. After flipping reaching success flipping homes and realizing how good he was at it, he decided to go wide, creating a mission to develop more passive income through real estate, something that he used to frown upon.

Corey, has since developed a new mission, one that helps families stay in their homes – instead of being foreclosed. It’s a process that he talks about in this process as he shares how he and his team gets it done. Corey discusses how he has leased space to continue blowing up his business by going back to handwritten mailers and even expanding out to reach more and more prospects.

This guy is a true Comfort Killer and it is my pleasure to share him with you.

Stacy A. Cross

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