Interview with Jenny King – How to Leave Corporate America For Entrepreneurship

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Jenny King did the unthinkable as it relates to conventional wisdom. She quit her cushy corporate job where the money was great and her life was good to launch her consulting firm after just 6 months of making creating a plan.


One would think that is totally nuts! Jenny, like many Comfort Killers, believe that living the average life, 9-5, retirement plan is what is really crazy. Jenny’s mission is to help the US workforce be better, do better and learn to believe in the possibilities again. To help companies execute at a higher level through their people, by tapping in to the talent and strengthening who they are and how they can serve the organization, the clientele and the world.

Jenny King is a Professional Performance Coach and Speaker – With over 15 years of sales, marketing & leadership experience her method to the madness is a real world, no nonsense, no problems only opportunities approach. Responsible for over 30 million in sales herself she understands the process, clients and how to bridge connections where disconnects exist.

In this episode, we discuss how you too can find your source of talent, what planning is needed and how to begin your journey and life after working in corporate America.

Jenny also shares quality information on how she is getting outside of her comfort zone each day in her entrepreneurial journey. It is with great pleasure that I bring to you Jenny King.

More about Jenny King below:

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