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We want you to join the community and receive real data from real life individuals building businesses, stacking money and investing for the future. If you’re tired of the same ol’ over-done, over-complex and scam based hierarchy of needs approach to growing yourself and business then welcome to The Comfort Killers, where we are in it for the LONG game.

There’s no such things as get-quick-rich, that’s the lotto. Forget about multi-level marketing and wholesaling houses and building countless shopify stores selling low quality goods. Forget about posting content everywhere and begging for likes, shares and $Cashapp donations.

What is The Comfort Killers Community?

The Comfort Killers Community is open to business minded individuals from all over the world that stack, invest, and grow themselves personally and professionally.

Join The Comfort Killers Community and receive The Real Report and The Long Game newsletter quarterly. Also get tapped into our team IN REAL TIME during our monthly conference calls with Thelonious C. Jones and Stacy A. Cross.

The only way to join The Comfort Killers Community is to send us a letter outlining why you are interested in joining. We are only looking for 100 people. Be sure to include your name, email and phone number in the letter.

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