Dear Friend,

What if I told you that everything you learned from your favorite guru is a lie. What If the only difference between success and failure is having positive self image? Success ain't nothing but a made up word to define a place where you rather be juxtaposed by the place you are now. What if I said that success isn't a thing but rather a feeling of peace, happiness and clarity

The biggest lesson that I've ever learned, read, or heard didn't come to me from a quote on Instagram. It came from me actually doing something wrong, failing and feeling like crap. It came from the experience of quitting a job and having the ability to set aside my EGO and going back into the workplace. It came from me realizing that no one is going to make you successful - in fact, many do not want to see you achieve greatness. 

I don't want you to look outside of yourself to gain superior mastery of self. I don't want you to look for validation or seek representation to produce. I don't want you to give up on yourself - because I know that you are a Comfort Killer, and Comfort Killers don't fucking quit. 

That is why I am offering you premium content at no cost. The only cost is your time. The energy and effort that it takes to open an email and give yourself 10 minutes to read the content we will be pushing to you. I'm not going to beat around the bush here - some of the content you will understand with ease and toss it as too trivial, and some of the information you will find is basic. But the truth of the matter is that ALL of the content you receive could be used to:

  • Heighten your awareness
  • Sharpen your money-mindset
  • Increase your willingness to get uncomfortable
  • Increase your knowledge about entrepreneurship
  • Shatter your long-standing debilitating beliefs about lack
  • Change the way you look at 'problems' in your life
  • Expand your 'good-luck' aura