Lenny Bazemore – How To Build An Empire

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Lenny Bazemore is a real estate developer, investor, artist, designer and businessman –


He was recently named Entrepreneur of the Year in the Manayunk, a small community in Philadelphia. Lenny is my mentor both outside looking in and from the inside out.

He was my landlord but I was intrigued. In this quick documentary style episode, Lenny Bazemore shares some of his most successful memories as well as his most lowest points which includes being a highschool dropout and begging restaurants for food to eat. He grew up poor but decided to change his future for family, community, success, and legacy.

Lenny Bazemore is as real as they come and as an artist you can see how well he blends both being an entrepreneur / businessman with his creative / artistic intelligence. A world traveler and learner of cultures and people. If you stay around Lenny long enough you will be inspired to take action! Enjoy.

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