Making The Decision

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The Roadmap to Purpose

Decision starts the domino effect – it’s never ending and seems to set into motion a series of life-altering events. For example, a decision to get married … leads to other decisions such as home-buying, child rearing, vacations, money, career, destinations and so forth.


There really isn’t a decision that doesn’t lead down another road of open doors. That’s life and that’s why life is an adventure.

Today there was a beautiful synchronicity that took place right before my eye. A long time friend of mine called to invite me to his 1 year anniversary for buying his first home. We spoke a bit about work, life, challenges and mistakes. Then he told me about a quote he recently heard and wanted to tell me. He said, “Stacy, in life you should never be angry at other people’s mistakes or angry at your own mistakes” – this will ensure that you are never angry, for everything is a learning lesson.

I really appreciated the quote and needed it at that exact time because I have been thinking contradicting thoughts leading up to discovering a new business model for the company.  Being out of work and not having a viable source of income can cause you to become angry at yourself. Trust me.

So anyhow – I am home hours later and my girlfriend showed me a quote … and it turned out to be this: [What is anger? It is punishment we give to ourself, for somebody else’s mistake] Boom!

That’s how things should be reinforced throughout then the journey won’t seem as bad. No one is going to keep you smiling but yourself and thank God for great friends that can sense when you need a quick picker upper.

Below are some videos that can act as a synchronicity, a great friend or something you need to just hear to get started. Or you maybe some ways along and need some reinforcement. Well – these videos will do just that.  Remember, take nothing for granted. It all begins with a decision. More on decisions soon!

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