Marketers, Here’s A #SocialMedia Strategy For Selling

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Do you even think you are a marketer? Most entrepreneurs want to be speakers, hosts, authors, motivators, …but not marketers. 


You know you are a marketer first – that’s why I called attention to you specifically in the title. Because no matter what, you identify with the truth. No $$$ in writing books if you can’t market it. No doe in speaking if you can’t market it. No dinero in posting content if it doesn’t have a purpose, call to action or create revenue. 

Why do we do what we do? I learned the hard way that I was a marketer first so now I do things that marketers do pay attention to what’s working, test and measure it for myself then duplicate the hell out of it. 

I went to see my boy, Billy Gene in San Diego not too long ago and we had a serious, serious talk about all this marketing stuff. Before I saw him though – I was confused about a few details of business. See, I did what Gary Vee wants me to do. I posted a lot of shit with no damn call-to-action and was scared to sell things. I just wanted to GIVE value. 

Then I realized that a) no-one cared and b) my bills were due and likes and youtube comments can’t pay my rent. Most people would get really offended by this because they are not marketers – they want to be personal brands. That’s cool. They will learn that the definition of business soon. 

Here goes. 

From my big ass dictionary. 

Business: means of livelihood; that which occupies the time, attention and labor of men, for the purpose of profit or improvement. Commerce or trade in general. 

Okay marketers. The goal of any message, media, vehicle and / or content is what? Well, my friends – it’s to get people to act! To support, to buy, to view, to click, to respond, to preorder, to go there, to get tickets. 

Speaking of get tickets. I just saw an ad for the movie trailer Venom. The goal of this ad is to get my ass interested enough to buy tickets and see it this weekend. To bring about awareness. 

So, now that we know we are all marketers – the next step then should create content, ads, messages, and write copy in such away that we produce action! 

We essentially want to write so people understand. 

Okay – Here’s what Billy Gene schooled me on. Little ol ” I want to be a motivational speaker” How do you SELL your shit! 

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