My First Deal As a REALTOR®

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I obtained my real estate license as a side thing before I quit my cushy airline job in Feb 2018.  What really got me to do take a plunge into it was the fact that everybody I knew was in the RE game. I needed to become a realtor and get a piece of the action

My mentor – millionaire in the game.

My business partner – the realest real estate investor, developer and solutionist in the game.

The people I loved and interviewed – all made it BIG in real estate.

A friend of mine – told me that even she was getting her license. So guess what I did? Took classes and officially became a licensed agent in the great state of Pennsylvania. 

I know damn well that one doesn’t have to have a license to get into the real estate game but there are a few agents turned investors and vice versa. In my real estate class alone ..there were investors that wanted to know more. Forget paying commission when they can get it on both sides*

Commissions are paid in real estate to agents both on the listing (selling) and buying side. 

So here I am wondering how to tie in real estate with our company. And how can I help new agents get the real deal information to help them along the way. 

  1. Be transparent and open
  2. Don’t leave out the un-sexy stuff

I’ve read a few real estate books and I must say … damn, I just didn’t know. 

From time to time I’ll write about my real estate journey to give you the scoop. But I want to tell you here today – about my first deal. Enjoy

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Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross – Chief Settlement Officer

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