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I forget the year. It may be 2005, or 06 or 07. I was 25 years old and white tees and air force ones were EVERYTHING in the northeast. A clean (long) white or black t-shirt, north faces, and air force ones. You could not go wrong. I started a business built around the hysteria. Going into NYC’s fashion district (6th Ave) via train on the weekends to purchase loads of wholesale t-shirts, sneakers, jackets, etc. Then I would transport the bagful back to my town in Jersey for sale. The difference between my business and anyone in this type of business was I was delivering the orders to your homes. I put out flyers everywhere in the streets. Then I had 2 other friends that had enough products to distribute. I was in business.


“Bring me 2 white tees, size large and a pair of black uptowns size 10” “Okay that’s $90 The business was called ‘Grindin Season Fashions” and I wish I still have the flyer to show you today.

I didn’t watch a video on how to hustle, how to start a business, how to leverage online, how to do nothing. I think the only book I started to read was “How to Think and Grow Rich”Most entrepreneurs that have a passion and any sort of wits about them don’t need validation or a stamp to do what they do. I just watched a video that is now saying the need to be on TikTok and I am shaking my head. I must start taking into account that the people this expert is speaking to are of this world. What I mean by that is that they were born into the leverage everybody else as well as try to see what the new thing was and jump on that era.

In 2016, all the online experts were talking about Facebook, then Instagram, then YouTube, then Linkedin, now TikTok.  In 2009 it was MySpace. There will always be another wave, there will always be another platform offering free services for your ‘content.’ What’s next and who are your real customers? Whose your target? Are 15-year olds your target audience? I believe that quantity is not the key. All the content that we put up throughout the years, we made it available for FREE on all the social media sites that rely on us to feed them status updates, pay for ad rev, and provide content. Who is the winner here? I remember when it was something to be independent, to create your content or business and know exactly who your customers are.

If your gimmick is being everywhere then be my guest – go do it. Go be on all these channels and feed, feed, feed.

The guy that hosts the London Real on YouTube was surprisingly shocked when YouTube took down his most viewed livestream with David Icke claiming that the opinions violated the terms of service and he was out of policy. The host of London Real came back on YouTube stating that he will make available on his website the videos and start publishing it to his own website.

Not only that, folks have become demonetized for saying the the wrong thing? How is this a business when you cannot dictate how long your content will live there? Do you remember when folks used to share their website as promo? Instead of that, folks are yelling out their Instagram and Snapchat handles. This is bullshit.

In a time when there was no electricity and the technology for it was budding, homes and streets were lit by candles and kerosene lamps. Years later when electricity was made available to everyone at a cheap cost, those who ate dinner in a candle lit room were said to be rich. That is exactly what has happened to the internet – when everything is made available for FREE. Put it in any perspective you want.

So now, that people are creating their own platforms and siphoning fans, customers, and loads of people from these social networks to their platforms that’s where it makes sense. If someone knows of you, doesn’t step foot on your platform or doesn’t know what you sell – it’s a problem. The word ‘content’ is officially dead.  So what does this mean for entrepreneurs in this era where social platforms provide free membership and leverage your demographics and your content which is always for sale. You have to be a smart entrepreneur and really take the time to build something great.

Jeff Bezos is the 150 Billion Dollar Man. How did he get there? E-commerce, and online book store. During the entire time he spent building these ugly as hell shopping site he wasn’t leveraging on social media. Now, TikTok is next? are you fucking kidding me? My niece is on TikTok, she’s in high school, my cousins are on TikTok, they are in middle school. Are you kidding me that this is next?

Stop chasing what’s next – create what’s next. Learn you industry, your business, your customers, and don’t fall into the sandman trap of creating content that doesn’t do anything to build your business. You’re not out here trying to get likes – you’re out here getting money. BIG DIFFERENCE.

This is what I do for those who need stone cold data

Here is the most recent Forbes 400 list. How many people you know are on social media and actively posting there whereabouts and providing content and asking you to share, share, share?


here’s how they got their start: https://www.forbes.com/sites/giacomotognini/2019/10/02/early-beginnings-how-the-forbes-400-richest-americans-got-their-entrepreneurial-start/?ss=forbes400#43ab8f2c670d

Also, dig deeper and find out what industries they are in and see if you see any similarities. Then go find out how they got their start in business. Research even deeper and see if they grew up with a sob story and was self-made? Then go look into their companies and see their social media sites. Go see how many people are following them, and if they have a HUGE following and see what type of ‘content’ they put out on their social media sites. Next, find out how long they been in their business or was it an acquired business. Next, see if they are on TikTok.

Do your homework. Do not be sidetracked into keeping busy while business people are making real money.

If you have to beg for subscribers, followers, cashapp and venmo donations then you’re not an entrepreneur or someone building a business. You’re an e-slave.

To the Tik, Tok, you don’t stop!

Stacy A. Cross

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