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Self Image simply means how you perceive yourself. One can perceive themselves to be ugly, unlucky, unworthy, undeserving, unintelligent and just about any other ‘uns’ you’d like to include. 


I remember when I was much younger about 14/15 years old, I had a hard time with my self-image. I thought I was clumsy and too fat. I thought that I was not able to speak well and couldn’t hold up a conversation because of my accent. Of course none of these were true – I just really believed they were. 

I remember one day I was walking with a buddy of mine. It was cold as heck outside and snow was pounding down around us. The winds were blizzard-like and made the wet cold snow feel like miniature slaps to the face. I was way behind. I looked up and my friend was a half a block ahead of me. I thought about what he was thinking to himself. Probably saying to himself “look at her, she can’t even keep up” I was crushed. But here’s the difference with PSI (positive self-image) and NSI (negative self-image)

NSI: would automatically benchmark that YOU are the victim or the poor thing that something is happening to. You get a feeling of less because you feel that you are less not because anyone told you at that moment that you are less. Even if people tell you that you are less, it’s accepted easily and confirmed with an experience and time of the past to secure and lock your acceptance in place. You don’t want to ruffle any feathers. It’s perfectly fine to stay in the dumps. 

PSI: would automatically look for solutions to feel better about yourself because you know your worth and power. So in the situation above with my friend walking so fast and far away from me wouldn’t be my fault – I’d ask myself.. is this a friend that deserves to be in presence? I would say: “hey bro! why you walking so far and fast – hold up long legs” or “you know what… I’m turning back, it’s cold, snowing and my awesome legs can’t trek as fast as you. Call me when you get home” or just simply disappear in the whiteness of the snow

Self-Image is the culmination of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and self impressions. Having a positive self-image can give you confidence in your thoughts and ideas. If you have a negative self-image you will have doubt in your capabilities, thoughts and actions. 

We all know that the devil is in doubt. 

How do you grow a positive self image? How do you get better in believing that you can positively shape the world around you with a feeling of power, and confidence while projecting positivity and expectancy. How do you feel more capable?

Well first you have to take yourself off automatic mode and move to manual mode in order to get results. Watch the video below for more on how to positively change how you perceive yourself. 

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