The Complete Guide To Overcoming Gambling Addiction

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Stacy A. Cross broke the mold when she overcame a 9 year gambling addiction and regained her life back. Her personal experiences could have defined her negatively, but instead she conquered seemingly insurmountable odds and harnessed her energy into helping others rise above their struggles. Stacy is a modern-day warrior. She battles for faulty beliefs systems to be rewired to victory.

From the least to the greatest trials, Stacy has been there and she has learned how to turn adversity into opportunity. Stacy navigates her coaching techniques from a strong personal foundation and exhibits a natural gift and talent to call people’s best potential forward. Recently, Stacy finally found herself catapulted into the journey of a motivational and inspirational speaker… spurred on by sorrow and trials.

There was no turning back for this woman. She, like many others, had settled for status quo. But when the ship started rocking too heavily, rather than falling out she stepped out on the rail to a hold of something greater than mediocrity. With a heart of gratitude and love, Stacy serves her clients through negative situations and circumstances using the power that is already within.

Stacy’s alternative approach and style not only brings the best out of a person but allows them to continue living in such a way, their energy brings the best out of the people in their own environment.

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