The Most Inspiring & Motivational Video From Jack Ma

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When people share an influencer’s message with me it’s always one of 5 people. You probably have an idea of who they are…


Sometimes I feel the need to move outside the stale dialogue everyone seems accustomed to such as

“Hustle, Hustle, Hustle”

“Big Goals Man”

“Don’t Compete”

We sound like dummies chanting things that honestly are only a fraction of the bigger picture and your journey to freedom and financial independence. For me, I look for power outside of the conventional wisdom that is also sitting inside photo quotes and social media status and as a Comfort Killer, you gotta get over it too.

Here’s why! The other day people went NUTS because Amazon is totally crushing it – I mean this is outstanding stuff: Jeff Bezos surpassing $150 Billion Net Worth  – Nuts. I wish more people sent me his articles but this is not the point. The point is here that there’s another person to which many people don’t immediately say ENTREPRENEUR! SUCCESS! WISDOM! and that is Jack Ma.

Now, the video below alone is going to rock your world and I am mad that I am just seeing this and if this is your first time seeing it, I want to know how you feel about it.

As an entrepreneur, startup or anybody that wants better in life, business and everything else this video is the epitome of the spirit that is needed to trek on. When things are bleak, keep going. When finances run low, keep moving. Stay positive. Your vision MUST be clear and this video from Jack Ma pitching Alibaba is the ultimate test and success of the dragon energy and Comfort Killer mindset. Enjoy!

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