This Is The ONLY Trait Needed For Success

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If you had to work on one quality which one would it be? Would it be self-belief? Would you try to work on your attitude? Your confidence? Or what about your ability to learn? Which one? 


Well there is one quality that we believe TRUMPS all other qualities as it relates to the attainment of success, wealth and anything else. 

I asked a question to my twitter and instagram family a couple days ago to prepare for this video article and I would like a moment to ask you?

If you were in a hurricane holding on for dear life, arms wrapped around a tree  – would your reasoning for not letting go be because you determine to live or because your fear your death? Which one?

Well – leave a comment below. I would love to get your take on this. In the video below I share the NUMBER 1 QUALITY NEEDED FOR SUCCESS. In order to do that we go through some known and beautiful qualities that you may think are also needed but NOT THE ONLY 1 required. 

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