This Is Why I Ask My Doctor To Show Me His Credentials

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Too often I see people getting scammed and voicing their opinions about it online which makes me sick to my stomach. Did you ever get scammed? How does it make you feel .. it IS and ISN’T about the money – but it definitely IS about how it makes you feel afterwards.


You felt like crap because your power was taken from you like candy from a baby. No fight and no resistance. You felt confident while the person or persons who conspired against you laughed all the way to the bank. 

The internet is just the same as real life without the evil side smirk. I want to teach you 3 ways to reveal one’s true motivation before you end up on BBB, YELP, YouTube or Facebook. 

There was one time when I was scammed in New York City. Well, actually three times in the big apple – but I will only share the one experience that left me feeling ill and robbed. 

On 6th Avenue, in the fashion district, where I went to purchase wholesale apparel for my growing tees on wheels startup. One of my first businesses that delivered t-shirts, north face jackets, sneakers to our customers in Perth Amboy, NJ when they ordered via phone. The Uber of fashion. 

Anyway, this is what happened to me on one cold ass night heading back to Penn Station to catch my train back to Jersey. My partner and I were approached by a sleezeball that was hustling to make a dollar out of 15 cents. He had a jacket full of authentic looking fake chains. He pitched us. We declined. Then he dropped the price. Now he was giving us two for the price of one. We were pleased with the new price. Then I asked the one question no one should ever ask a hustler on 6th avenue in winter time – “Is it Fake?”

*The pitch is required. If something is valuable there is no price reduction and/or bargaining.

“Ma, this right here is not fake that’s why I am trying to get it off on the streets and fast because it’s not going to last long” 

We were in our early 20s but as you’re going to see below – age does not even matter. We inspected the chains and even convinced ourselves that it was indeed real because afterall we were experts in analyzing gold and jewelry. 

The smallest link read “20 karats” the other one read “17” – wow we said. We’ve really hit the jackpot here. The sleezeball hustler sensed our admiration of belief that it may be real and stepped in to help us close the sale. “How about you put it on and see” – Oh damn, the trust with the real thing. He made us like him. 

*The person is likeable but only after doing something that makes them likeable. Before doing that thing, you had your suspicions. Since they know they are sleezballs and know they smell like shit – they will do things that often make them more human and likeable. Noticing we were ready to go. Our sleezeball chain peddler wanted to make us trust him

After about 10 minutes we decided to get both chains and laughed all the way to the train with our new BRIGHT gold chains swinging from our necks. By the time we got to Jersey – my friend’s neck was green and my new gold chain developed a case of bronze.

I laugh now but I felt horrible that I gave this unknown person off the street money that I could have easily put back in my tees on wheels business – the official name was Grindin’ Season Fashion. We were mad, but honestly we were stupid. You might even think so too. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

*Put money in your business development. Go get your LLC. Operating agreement. Many of these online personalities with full blown ‘online’ companies don’t even have LLCs. Why? They don’t have a company.

Modern times. A young woman who wants to change her life by developing a stone cold mindset, learn business and leave a legacy for her children stumbles in a free seminar. She hears of concepts she never knew before. She hears about money concepts – like how money does grow on trees and that you are supposed to create businesses and side hustles and how other millionaires are waking up and reading 5 books before breakfast. She is super intrigued. 

Then she starts following, liking and getting around other people she could level up with. She gets around them online. They congregate and talk good stuff around health, wealth and happiness. She catches an ad on YouTube that tells her anyone can do it because it’s been tried and tested. She’s all in. She pays $1000.00 for the entry level product and whalah …nothing happens. She doesn’t stop because she is super determined to succeed. She wants this. She feels it. Plus she continues to hear stories of how other people have done it with less, doing no work, and with no previous knowledge.

She becomes obsessed with piecing together the puzzle. She spends her time listening to self proclaimed experts and gurus who want to show her the way. The way it’s told to her is that if she don’t succeed it must be because people around her doesn’t want to see her win. She ditches her friends. She is persistent and keeps looking for the next pretty box held by the pretty individual that has a pretty life ..filled with pretty things. She gets sucked in a loophole with a slim chance of ever accomplishing her own goals.

*The done-for-you box theory is a joke. There is no box. There’s no secret. There’s no program that will make you $100,000 per month from Amazon FBA by working only 2 hours a week. I’m popping bubbles. Most of the ultra self-made millionaires I researched has had more bankruptcies than banks in 2008 and their past did NOT look cookie cutter. In fact, they’ve been working at business for 12-15 years before they started talking anything about ‘influence’ 

She accomplished the goal of others. 

I walked in a Doctor’s office to get my eye checked. I was told it was a her before my appointment then shortly after coming in for my appointment a man walks in with a white lab jacket. There were no school diplomas and/or board certs on his walls. The walls were as pale as those chains we bought in NYC. He spoke fast and went right into the procedure. He spoke about things that I didn’t care about. Then he finished my exam and the same fool up front that is running the scam sold me frames that were 50% less online. 

*Everyone is an expert…you know why? Because in order for some expert to sell their product they told them to call yourself an expert. People pop up all the time. You don’t know their story nor their history. And you believe them automatically because of their pretty life. You want so much to fit in becomes obsession. So you want to believe every word that comes out of their pretty mouth! 

I felt had…… It wasn’t the money. It was the entire show that I was part of. I could see them all having lunch and laughing at the people that are overpaying and not asking any questions. And when you do question them, as I did the front desk scammer, he tells you about all the properties he owns and how he shouldn’t be working but his wife wants him out of the house. This is life now. People lie. People cheat. and people get over. Which side are you on?

Here is the real problem:

When you have people that are coming up that is speaking with full force and straying away from the average system. The same people don’t listen. Why? It’s not pretty. They want to see the people with the beach background and the happy little family that they can portray and emulate. 

They only come back and share stories of sympathy to people like me. Honestly, I don’t want to hear it. I’ve got scammed ..we all probably will in our lives. We need to learn that lesson. Here’s how to get on the other side of the problem.

  • Only worry and focus on things you can control – if you can control it worry about it. People are too worried about things that are way out of their control. They are using up mental capacities, energy and power that they will never get back. 
  • Real power is silent
  • Look up credentials – The internet leaves clues. That’s why before I interviewed someone for my 9 to 5, I would always check the trail they left online. 
  • Don’t be bitter – got scammed? Move on. Learn the lesson and don’t make that mistake twice, or thrice.
  • Do what the 20% do – the 20% aren’t playing small. 
  • Use what you’ve got – That’s why I wrote the book: How to Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have. Why? Because people always trying to look outside of them for love, happiness, confidence, money, power.. 
  • Stop trying to be NICE – the definition of nice is ignorance and a fool. Go look it up. Too many people trying to be nice .. trying to get likes, trying to fit in. Too bad The Comfort Killers are fitting out. 

I opened up my phone lines, calendar and time to anyone that would listen when I first started. Then, I purchased a lot of their programs and offered to interview a lot of people. I purchased books and products. 

When my book came out: more than 97% of these people disappeared. 

And, I am fine with that. I have taken purposely chosen to go on a different road. One that moves into the future. When you move like a gazelle nothing in the past really matters. 

You stop getting scammed when you stop scamming yourself. 

Visit my online store for quality products to help you move from 0 to 1. 

Remain uncomfortable,

Stacy A. Cross – The Don’t Want to Hear It Officer

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