Timeless Wisdom From Warren, John and Robert (old money)

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I extracted some timeless wisdom from John Templeton, Warren Buffet and Robert Wilson. These 3 were on a documentary style interview in 1985 and I dissected the secrets behind their words. 


Watch the full doc here

1. Be odd & go against the herd – Templeton
2. Find out what is unpopular with other investors – Templeton
3. We ordinarily don’t make predictions, we base on value and cash available – Templeton
4. I look worldwide and in terms of a wider view to find value – Templeton 
5. I rely on prayer in everything we do – Templeton
6. We follow Solomon who prayed for wisdom – Templeton
7. If you buy things for far below what they are worth and buy a group of them together, you won’t lose money – Buffet
8. To be a great investor: It requires a tempermental quality not an intellectual quality  – Buffet
9. It’s not a business where you take polls, it’s a business where you think – Buffet
10. You’re not right or wrong because a thousand people agree or disagree with you – Buffet
11. You’re right because your facts and reasonings are right – Buffet
12. We get all the facts to make decisions and we like the lack of stimulation. We can facts not slimulation – Buffet 
13. A short focus is not conducive to long profits – Buffet 
14. Intellectual Process – Defining your area of competence and within that area of competence make your decision – Buffet 
15. I don’t have to make money in every game – Buffet
16. If you don’t know enough you don’t have to swing – Buffet
17. Boredom is a problem with most professional money managers – Buffet
18. To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail – Buffet
19. The only way one makes money in the market is when the perception of the market changes – Wilson
20. Money in the abstract has to be the most important thing in the world – Wilson 
21. The important thing is to try to do it – Wilson 

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